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Video AI & Cities


City governments, transportation, and public safety agencies are being challenged to provide tangible economic, social, and environmental outcomes. Intel’s solutions and technologies are helping build resilience, increase public safety, and create healthier, more sustainable, and livable urban environments.

Intel® Edge Solutions Challenge

Join the Intel® Edge Solutions Challenge for Smart Cities and Transportation, by simply submitting your solution for a chance to be recognized as an industry leader in urban and transportation use cases. Challenge winners will be awarded benefit packages to accelerate their solutions into market.

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Smart city and transportation projects come to life with Intel’s Edge AI solutions as they help uncover actionable, data-driven insights and implement new innovative ideas.

The AI suite for visual analytics offers prequalified, pre-configured solutions that streamline the Edge AI journey for both hardware and software solution providers. The solution handles hybrid AI scenarios and helps navigate the complexities of edge computing thereby unlocking new opportunities for growth and efficiency.

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Safety & Security

Technologies in public safety and artificial intelligence are helping public safety officials make better decisions in the field and build safer, more-resilient communities.

Solution Brief

Irisity IRIS+: Smart Security with Validated Video...

This brief explains how, by validating Irisity's smart security solution in Intel's AI solution validation lab, Irisity and Dell minimized cost and...

Solution Brief

Enhancing Public Safety: Considerations for Enhanc...

The eBook provides an overview for how city and public safety leaders can develop smarter, safer city strategies for public safety.

White Paper

EPIC iO Performance and Validation Report for Open...

This document provides an overview and results for validation of an EPIC iO* AI OpenVINO™ Video Analytics Algorithm port running on an enterprise...

Road Infrastructure

Advanced analytics at the edge is promoting safety, increased efficiency, and sustainability in the Road Infrastructure segment.

Solution Brief

Driving Intelligent Road Infrastructure Forward

This eBook is intended to provide insight into how city and transportation leaders can transition from reactive to proactive measures to create...

Solution Brief

Derq, Intel Collaborate on Video AI for Traffic Sa...

The Derq platform uses AI-based video inference to analyze traffic patterns to inform cities about safety challenges and alert drivers, pedestrians,...

Solution Brief

Lidar 3D Point Cloud Processing and Sensor Fusion ...

This paper introduces the JHCTech® Roadside MEC Equipment based on the 11th-Generation Intel® Core™ Processors and Intel® Distribution of...

Rail & Marine infrastructure

Sustainable, secure, intelligent transportation system solutions can unlock access to transformational use cases for Rail & Marine Infrastructure.

Solution Brief

Simplify Seaport Traffic Management with Intel and...

Effective traffic management at seaports is crucial for ensuring efficiency and safety in operations. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as...


NEX Ports and Maritime Cities-Critical Infrastruct...

The Marine ecosystem, comprised of Ports, Vessels, Shipyards and Ship builders, have started the digitization transformation that will include new...

Solution Brief

DB Cargo: A Transformational Maintenance Solution ...

DB Cargo leverages data analytics and modern technology to optimize locomotive performance and ensure smooth rail freight operations.


The next era of sustainable computing is being shaped by diverse voices, innovative thinking, and captivating ideas that should be shared with the world.

Solution Brief

Elastic and Energy Proportional Edge Computing Inf...

The impact of global warming can be summarized colloquially as “Weather on Steroids” – more flooding, more droughts, and an increase in natural...

Solution Brief

QiO* Foresight Optima DC+™ Boosts Data Center S...

QiO’s Foresight Optima DC+TM optimizes the power consumption of Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor-based data center servers.

Solution Brief

Addressing the Challenges of Future Green Networks...

This solution brief provides an overview of Intel’s technologies to tackle emissions in networks and address climate change.


Learn how Intel technologies in Edge and AI can help build intelligent transportation systems, increase public safety, and create healthier, more livable urban environments.

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Length: 47 mins
Powering Mobile Network Security with Virtualized Security Gateway

Powering Mobile Network Security with Virtual...

Last Updated: Mar 12, 2024

Security gateways are essential for preserving the reliability, integrity, and resilience of 5G networks in the face of evolving security challenges. They play a crucial role in securing xHaul networks, which connect RAN elements...

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Length: 49 mins
Technologies for Lowering the TCO for Open RAN and Edge

Technologies for Lowering the TCO for Open RA...

Last Updated: Feb 20, 2024

New technologies will change the economics of Open RAN. This webinar explores how hardware and software technologies from Intel and Rakuten Symphony that will significantly reduce ORAN’s total cost of ownership (TCO) by...

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Length: 53 mins
Flexible High-Performance Networking Using Intel® Architecture Based Whiteboxes

Flexible High-Performance Networking Using In...

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2024

In this webinar, GateSpeed will present the GateSpeed software stack within the context of a private CDN use-case architecture from the data center to the edge exclusively leverage Intel® Architecture powered whiteboxes and...

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Length: 61 mins
Enabling Telco Cloud & Edge with CAMARA

Enabling Telco Cloud & Edge with CAMARA

Last Updated: Jan 23, 2024

CAMARA APIs gives developers visibility and control over infrastructure (compute and network); opening the door to a new generation of “smart”, self-managing applications. However, with great power, comes great...

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