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Unprecedented, cloud native platform with bare-metal to services lifecycle management, for -as-a-Service delivery of 5G Core, Open RAN, Private 5G and MEC



Robin Overview

At Robin, we see the need for a new approach in managing software applications, services and physical resources, for providers and enterprises. Today, 5G operators and over the top providers require new solutions that provision capacity and automate multiple levels of infrastructure, hardware, software, cloud platforms and appliances, while simultaneously consolidating Virtual Machine (VM) and container-based services, reducing operations silos and costs.

Robin enables this vision with three revolutionary products, included in our solution deployed at Rakuten Mobile, where we demonstrate unprecedented flexibility, ease of use, and real-time scale.

Solution Description

The Robin solution consists of three key products

An award winning, bare metal to services life cycle manager, Multi-Data Center Automation Platform (MDCAP)

A best of breed Cloud Native Platform (CNP), with unprecedented performance and ease of use

Cloud Network Storage (CNS) with industry leading performance and application-topology awareness

Solution Description

Cloud Native Platform (CNP): Revolutionary Cloud Platform

Robin makes enhancements to the standard K8s CNI, where OpenNESS is built on to the CNI. It comes preinstalled in Robin CNP and includes many OpenNESS attributes including, SR-IOV, HugePages, MULTUS. Other OpenNESS features include highly granular NUMA awareness.

Robin’s, best of breed Kubernetes-based, CNP combines 1-click application onboarding with declarative, context-aware workload placement, pinning your NFs and services to automated policies. This enables automatic configuration of resources as they start, stop move and heal. Just tell CNP what your service needs, then CNP discovers the resources and configures them as per your policy.

With CNP, resources are modeled based numerous NUMA aware placement options including memory, CPU cores, HugePages, overlay/underlay networks and redundancy, applying affinity and anti-affinity rules as needed.

NFs provide additional networking challenges that their enterprise counterparts don’t have to deal with. Plain vanilla Kubernetes won’t cut it from a performance or connectivity standpoint. Kubernetes pods need multiple connectivity options (Multus) and workloads need access to dedicated, high performance jitter free underlays that support network resource reservation. CNP supports multiple networking options including calico overlay networks, OVS and SR-IOV DPDK high-performance underlays for optimal internal connectivity and external to legacy operations applications. CNP provides additional support for IP address persistence across, starts, stops, migrations and healing of network functions.

Furthermore, Robin CNP also increases the security of IPSec tunnels for additional security and implements dual stack (IPv4/IPv6) support that enable IPv4 applications to run in an IPv6 environment. MetalLB load balancers are also available.

Solution Description

CNP supports both VNFs and CNFs in the same or separate clusters. CNP enables CNFs and VNFs to share resources, eliminates operations siloes, reduces training costs, and VNFs running on CNP are customer proven to run 30% faster when compared to commercial and open virtualization platforms. Even more important is that you are now decoupled from you NF vendors containerization roadmap, freeing you to modernize, at your own pace!

Multi Data Center Automation Platform (MDCAP): Orchestration, Automation and Life Cycle Management

MDCAP allows us to deploy OpenNESS aware solutions at massive scale. OpenNESS comes preinstalled and ready to use in MDCAP.

Robin MDCAP orchestrates and manages the lifecycle of any workflow including, bare-metal provisioning, cloud platform instantiation, Network Functions (NF) lifecycle management, Network Services (NS) lifecycle management and Methods Of Procedures (MOPs), all of which can be triggered through a policy engine. MDCAP’s automated workflows support Cloud Native Network Functions (CNF), Virtual Network Functions (VNF) and 3rd party Physical Network Functions (PNF), simultaneously.

Robin’s advantage is that we not only provide intuitive context-aware lifecycle management for your NFs, services, and Kubernetes cloud platform, but we integrate those workflows with your OpenNESS awareness on physical platforms, like bare-metal servers and third-party appliances. Install your OS, upgrade your firmware, configure NIC cards and RAID, to name just a few. One platform with one workflow, not stitching together multiple siloed products. Reduce your integration and deployment timelines.

Robin MDCAP supports 100s of open APIs to trigger different workflows from northbound OSS platforms and CI/CD systems.

Solution Description

Solution Description

Cloud Native Storage (CNS): Application Aware Storage

Robin Cloud Native Storage (CNS) supports stateful and stateless applications with industry leading performance. It provides application topology data services such as snapshots, backup, clones, QoS, replication, encryption, compression, data rebalancing and complex service level management dependencies. CNS supports all major Kubernetes distributions: Robin CNP, Anthos, OpenShift, Rancher, AKS, EKS, GKE and open source, to name a few. CNS is included as a part of Robin CNP and is also available independently.

Solutions Statement

There are any number of solutions that allow one to modernize.  The problem is that most vendors only fix part of the problem, creating operational silos and adding additional integration touch points.  For example, Open Radio Access Networks (O-RAN) is an exciting solution that allows providers to eliminate vendor lock in. The problem is that they all use a separate set of tools for onboarding, lifecycle management and resource allocation. Furthermore, they do nothing to address bare-metal provisioning, 3rd party appliance lifecycle management, service wide policy-based workload placement and Methods Of Procedures (MOPs). Robin has real world deployments that manage all of these processes, at large scale, over 1,000,000 nodes.

Solutions Statement

Every service can be modeled by MDCAPs workflow engine and then deployed with a single click, at the far edge, edge, core and in public clouds.  As-a-service deployments,wherever you need it, and on demand.

This isn’t just for RAN and 5G core!  This is for any application or Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) service, including MEC Platform-as-a service hosting with customer self-service.  All of this is enabled through our multitenant interface with Roles Based Access (RBAC).

Robin Benefits

Proven large scale deployment and lifecycle management capabilities

Bare-metal, cloud platform, NFs, services, MOPs, monitoring, workflow engine policy engine integration and OSS integration

Reduce deployment timelines

Reduce integration touchpoints

Simplify your operations processes

Advanced Kubernetes networking (overlay + underlay), required for Mission Critical NF performance

NUMA-aware workload placement with policy pinning

Superior integrated container/CNF – Virtual Machine/VNF design

Decouple your deployment timelines and solution dependencies from your vendor’s containerization roadmap

Deploy all of your NFs and applications on one advanced, cloud-native Kubernetes solution, today!

Eliminate multi-product operations siloes – less to manage and train

Share CNF/VNF resource pools

Improve VNF performance

Remove licensing hassles

Built from the ground up to support multitenancy and RBAC

Use Cases

Open RAN

Private 5G/LTE

5G Core


Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

Interactive gaming

Internet of Things (IoT)

Bare Metal Lifecycle Management

Physical Network Function and 3rd party appliance Lifecycle Management

Policy engine integration

OSS, BSS and billing integration

MOPs management

Portable enterprise applications and storage support


Public cloud: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and more

Hybrid Cloud


Robin OpenNESS Building Blocks

Robin has been working with Intel to enable our customers to develop NFs and applications for the edge with cloud-like agility with OpenNESS, a MEC software toolkit that enables highly optimized and performance edge platforms across a heterogeneous network and doing so with unprecedented ease of use, automation and scale.

Robin OpenNESS Building Blocks




OpenNESS comes preinstalled in Robin CNP and there are no additional steps required roe OpenNESS features.


Robin is available for download from the following Amazon s3 location:


Installer Files


https://s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/repo.robinsystems.com/releases/5.3.5/build133/gorobin_5.3.5-133?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIZZEZ4UILOFECIGA&Expires=1627676168&Signature=KKAN6L2%2F8I5lDs1qB4cmLhfY5TU%3D gorobintar-5.3.5-133-upgrade-bin.tar

https://s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/repo.robinsystems.com/releases/5.3.5/build133/gorobintar-5.3.5-133-upgrade-bin.tar?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIZZEZ4UILOFECIGA&Expires=1627676267&Signature=HhWi1zfHgYqm8eVNIr8hR0Mqu9c%3D k8s-images-5.3.5-133.tar.gz

https://s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/repo.robinsystems.com/releases/5.3.5/build133/k8s-images-5.3.5-133.tar.gz?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIZZEZ4UILOFECIGA&Expires=1627676306&Signature=hdGZ1AVLYyIplsg8A6xcDmpMY6c%3D robinbinimg-5.3.5-133.tar.gz

https://s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/repo.robinsystems.com/releases/5.3.5/build133/robinbinimg-5.3.5-133.tar.gz?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIZZEZ4UILOFECIGA&Expires=1627676361&Signature=dnJ9ySBpLoaxw1LvKIb8Z2p9Aac%3D robin-install-k8s_5.3.5-133.sh



./gorobin aws install-ha --access-key <access_key> --secret-key <secret_key> --region <region> --zone <zone1:num,zone2:num...> --ami <ami_id> --pem-keyname <pem_keyname> --security-group <sec_group_id>

Text Output

./gorobin aws install-ha --access-key=AKASDJ123JA --secret-key=Jqqqqiusan/1slla21/gg12WFG/AG --region us-west-2 --zone us-west-2a:3 --security-group sg-05ac4f58104db6172 --pem-keyname robin-key --ami ami-015a728ae3ed933e8 --instance-type m4.4xlarge --instance-count 3 --volume-count 2 --volume-size 100GB

- Validating User Permissions ... DONE (0 secs)

- Validating security group 'sg-05ac4f58104db6172' meets port requirements ... DONE (0 secs)

- Creating 3 EC2 instance(s) of type 'm4.4xlarge' in zone us-west-2a ... DONE (17 secs)

- Creating Internal Elastic Load Balancer ... DONE (181 secs)



Cluster with 3 node(s) is ready for use

1. ec2-52-12-21-207.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com i-02be2cbb9fd037a5c

2. ec2-34-221-31-252.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com i-0101291a6d8e9adb8

3. ec2-54-202-216-231.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com i-0b8018681694df01d

... Robin Cluster Name ..... lakshay@robin.io-robin-2h4tu0xf

Elastic Load Balancer .. elb-robin-2h4tu0xf

Robin Admin Username ... admin

Robin Admin Password ... Robin123

Robin Admin Access ..... https://ec2-52-12-21-207.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com

Additional Information

Full installation documentation available here:



For more information on our best of breed solutions, we can be reached at

Pre-load Docker Images on Nodes

Add docker image location/command

Where to Purchase

For more information on our best of breed solutions, we can be reached at

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