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Herta-Connect on Intel OpenNESS Easy-to-use, Scalable, Customizable Face Recognition


Herta-Connect by Herta Security

A Helm chart for Herta-Connect for OpenNESS 21.02

Overview of Herta Security

Herta is a world leader in the development of hi-tech facial recognition solutions and computer vision. The company offers fast, accurate and robust end-customer oriented solutions for video surveillance, access control, and marketing requirements. International projects include safe-cities, airports, train and metro stations, prisons, banks, casinos, sports stadiums, shopping malls, military, police and forensic applications. Herta has partners in 50 countries and more than 250 certified integrators globally.

OpenNESS Building Blocks

                      Node Feature Discovery
                      High Density Deep Learning


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The Herta-Connect app is available in the open-ness/edgeapps repository. To obtain it, just clone the repo.

$ git clone https://github.com/open-ness/edgeapps

Then, in the applications/herta-connect folder there is a helm chart folder for installation.

Install the Chart

$ # Check k8s, helm are installed etc.
$ cd applications/herta-connect
$ ./install-helm.sh

Test Output

Starting install of Helm Chart for Herta Connect.
Herta Connect successfully installed.

Configure Herta-Connect

$ ./configure.sh

Test Output

Herta Connect successfully configured.

Uninstall Chart

$ ./uninstall-helm.sh

Test Output

Starting uninstall of Helm Chart for Herta Connect.
Herta Connect uninstalled successfully.

Additional Information

Herta is specialized in the analysis of crowded environments, making it possible to detect and identify multiple subjects at the same time through IP cameras. Our software is completely scalable and compatible with any IP camera, becoming a user friendly and accessible tool for any business organization.

Where to Purchase

Visit us at herta.ai or email sales@hertasecurity.com

Optimized for Intel® Smart Edge


App Name

Retrieve Container Images and Helm Charts

Containers: Herta-connect.tar.gz (provided separately)

Helm Charts: https://github.com/open-ness/edgeapps/tree/master/applications/herta-connect

Pre-load Docker Images on Nodes

Docker pull herta/herta-connect-openness

Deploy service

helm install hc-openness helm/hc-openness