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inReality’s Camera and Radar Analytics Agent

Meet the first venue analytics platform for collecting, organizing and delivering data at scale

Overview of inReality

inReality is an open platform that leverages IoT sensor data and accelerated, at-the-edge AI to deliver in-store data at scale–reliably and cost-effectively. Our computer vision-based edge computing solution is distributed at the last mile in venues and uses deep learning models to maximize performance. With it, we help solutions providers and retailers harness the most important analytics in key areas of interest so that they can put them into play in real time, at every single location. In addition, we set up, configure and support getting the data you need so the teams that are able to focus on what matters most–revenue generation.

Application Description

Retail stores have a new imperative: prove it or lose it. We translate all incoming data into a single usable format for reporting, action and analysis.

Brands and retailers want actionable insights from their retail stores, but they can’t get data cost effectively at scale. InReality’s platform anonymizes and aggregates in-venue behavioral data, syncs it with deep learning and AI and delivers the most important metrics from every single touchpoint–simply, reliably and at scale. This, in turn, enables retailers to increase sales, enhance both CX and operational efficiencies, and prove and improve their investments via real-time intelligence.

The Application Benefits

We set up, configure and support getting the metrics needed to prove and improve key in-store engagement points.

Think of it like ‘physical website analytics’, connecting the missing omnichannel pieces at every installation point.


We set up and pre-configure all devices – all you have to do is bring them online


We monitor and remotely fix most issues and send you escalated issues


Data delivered in the format you or your customer requires, from scorecard to spreadsheet to a real-time API feed


At scale, 20% less than competitors for total cost of ownership (player, sensor, deployment + maintenance + software)


Since its inception, inReality has adopted a “privacy by design” approach to its development effort, supporting GDPR, and CCPA standards.

Leverage our Analytics Agent to Enhance Your Customer’s Outcomes

Understand dwell times and behaviors at a display or interest point, track results in real-time with product stocks, staff interaction and/or digital signage campaigns and take action with responsive or predictive messaging to increase conversion and profits.

Media optimization

Amp up the CPM rate and value of an in-venue digital network with irrefutable audience reporting

Staff optimization

Understand traffic trends to plan the optimal staffing

Zone/Display optimization

Test and measure different areas and/or displays to fine-tune the CX, display, product and merch strategy; integrate POS data to map behaviors to conversion KPIs

Omnichannel optimization

Take online data points and map metrics to similar data points in-store to understand the full journey

Innovation Concept optimization

Test and measure new concepts such as product placement, new category design or digital idea prior to company-wide rollouts.


Analytics Agent Requirements

Resource Information
Application Type Video-Analytics
Compute (vCores) 8
Memory (RAM) 16 GB
Storage 100 GB
Host OS CentOS 7-9.2009
OpenNESS Version 21.03
Flavor Used media-analytics
Distribution OpenSource

Follow below link to setup controller and edge-node for installing OpenNESS.


Loading Docker Image

The base image is available at dockerhub https://hub.docker.com/r/irllc/ava-gst. This is a public image made available by InReality LLC.

Do take note that you would need a license from InReality LLC in order to run this image successfully. You can contact us at Sales at InReality to request for you license today.



The inReality’s Camera and Radar Analytics Agent is available in the Github repository. To obtain it, just clone the repo.

$ git clone https://github.com/inrealityllc/ava-gst-deploy

Then, change directory into applications /ava-gst-deploy folder and follow the instructions

Install the Chart

helm install ava-gst ./deploy/

Test Output

helm install ava-gst ./deploy/
NAME: ava-gst
LAST DEPLOYED: Wed Sep 8 00:39:50 2021
NAMESPACE: default STATUS: deployed
ava-gst installed

Uninstall Chart

helm delete ava-gst

Additional Information


Optimized for Intel® Smart Edge

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