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Video Super Resolution Extracting truth inside visuals: Enhancement makes dreams come true


App Name: ORBO Video SR

A Helm chart for ORBO Video SR for OpenNESS 21.03.05

Overview of Orbo AI (A Product of Modaviti E-marketing Private Limited)

ORBO AI is a leading Computer vision research company that brings AI automation and visual enhancement stack to the edge-based applications cuts through multiple business segments such as Media, Healthcare, Edtech, Security and surveillance, Banking etc.

ORBO AI provides a cutting-edge visual AI platform to solve problems associated with low quality & low-resolution visuals to boost conversions and higher customer satisfaction. These Visual AI solutions enable visual enhancement, AI automation and visual insights.

ORBO’s team of AI experts have developed cutting edge computer vision and deep learning technology based on years of research that is tested on large data sets. The visual AI solutions help to improve the quality of visuals by enhancing the details.

Application Description

ORBO AI has built a series of advance computer vision & deep learning-based IP that brings AI automation to Organizations.

Exium’s 5G Secure Access Services Edge (SASE)

Even though internet speeds are increasing, the last mile connectivity to mobile devices gets hampered due to issues like poor network connectivity, high congestion at peak time periods, lack of strong connection within buildings, etc. High Quality Video is required when people are consuming video content like movies, web series, educational videos or even social videos. Low quality video hampers the viewer experience. It is extremely difficult to control the quality of the internet. Hence it is important for the company providing the content to optimize delivery to its users.

In today’s time when people are connecting through video conferencing and consuming video content, the quality of video can significantly impact business. ORBO AI’s Super Resolution Video Solution enables the streaming of high-quality video on low internet bandwidth.

Exium’s 5G Secure Access Services Edge (SASE)

The best part of ORBO’s AI is that it converts low quality video to high quality in real time on the edge. No infrastructure investment is required. ORBO AI’s Super Resolution Video can be leveraged by OTT platforms, Live TV Apps, Social Video Apps and even Educational Platforms that deliver content via video.

With ORBO’s Video Enhancement AI technology installed, the quality of the video can easily be enhanced in real time on lower bandwidth leading to a better viewing experience and higher conversions.


This document assumes that the minimal flavor of Intel openness was installed through the OpenNESS CEEK. Single Node or Multiple Node deployment. Cluster with minimum 1 Master and 1 Worker node. ORBO Provided container images for Vide SR Application.

Follow below link to setup controller and edge-node for installing OpenNESS.


OpenNESS OpenSource
version 21.03.05
flavor CERA Minimal Flavor
Distribution OpenSource
Application Type Video-Enhancement
CPU Intel core processor 6th Generation or newer.
Compute (vCores) 6
Memory (RAM) 8 GB
Storage 200 GB
Host OS Centos 7.9.2009


ORBO’s Super Resolution techniques help to restore the original video. It's useful in a wide range of applications such as-

OTT Platform- Enhancing video streaming from low to high quality in real time.
Web Conferencing- Improve the quality of video in live video conferencing sessions.
Surveillance- Improving video quality of CCTV footage for better security.
Remote sensing- It also helps to solve task of object detection and face recognition (as preprocessing step if customized).


The ORBO Video SR is available in the open-ness/edgeapps repository. To obtain it, just clone the repo.

$ git clone https://github.com/open-ness/edgeapps/tree/master/applications/orbovideosr

Then, into applications/orbovideosr folder there are helm charts for installing it.

Install the Chart

Run the following commands to deploy through helm:

helm install orbovideosr ./

Test Output

> `NAME: orbovideosr`
> `NAMESPACE: default`
> `STATUS: deployed`
> `TEST SUITE: None`
> `NOTES:`
> `# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0`
> `# Copyright (c) 2021 Modaviti eMarketing Private Limited`
> `orbovideosr was installed.`
> `Your release is named orbovideosr.`
> `To learn more about the release, try:`
> `$ helm status orbovideosr`
> `$ helm get orbovideosr`

Uninstall Chart

helm uninstall orbovideosr

Test Output

release "orbovideosr" uninstalled

Additional Information

ORBO’s Video SR has the following advantages-

Retain customers by providing a great viewing experience.

Increase overall ROI by growing & retaining your customers.

Edge based tech that helps you to save CDN cost.

Transform low resolution video to high resolution & 4K in real-time at the edge.

Revolutionizing 5G video delivery.

Reduces strain on your Computing Resources.

Compatibility across browser, mobile, and desktop.

Low footprint

No server infra required, runs 100% on edge/endpoints

No cap on the number of users/devices

Demo Link for ORBO’s Video SR- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cfVv9KbZQLMY4ZsKT77e59g4D0n4ctmM/view?usp=sharing

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Retrieve Container Images and Helm Charts

Containers: Contact support@orbo.ai
Helm Charts:

Pre-load Docker Images on Nodes

docker load -i orbovideosr.tar.gz

Deploy service

Helm install orbovideosr ./

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