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Aarna Networks

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Aarna Networks

Aarna Networks solves management complexity of enterprise edge and private 5G network deployments and is on a mission to help enterprises and network operators unlock previously unimagined new services and drastically slash operational costs. As a SaaS solutions and software provider, Aarna leverages open source, cloud native, and DevOps methodologies to provide zero-touch edge and 5G service orchestration and management services.

Enterprises and network operators alike are leveraging edge computing and private 5G to transform existing processes, create new user experiences and broadly apply AI/ML. With the advent of private 5G, new types of edge applications become possible with benefits such as high IoT device density, high bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and network slicing. At the same time, cloud native applications take advantage of agile and scalable components to deliver micro-services across multi-cloud environments. The cloud native development model typically includes techniques such as DevOps, agile methodology, microservices, containers, service meshes, declarative APIs and Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). Aarna Networks is positioned at the nexus of these industry forces and the natural choice for solving network complexity and unlocking the full potential of these trends.

With 100,000s of potential edge sites, 1,000s of 3rd party applications (turning into 10,000s of instances with slicing), and rapid changes to the edge environment, existing approaches will not work. For this reason, a standards compliant, open source, and cloud native platform is required that will provide zero-touch orchestration, ongoing lifecycle management, and real-time policy driven control loop automation.

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ONAP orchestrates VNFs taking into account Hardware Platform Awareness.

ONAP can be used in conjunction with OPNFV Yardstick NSB for VNF performance validation.

AMCOP: The Aarna Networks Multi Cluster Orchestration Platform (AMCOP) is an open source orchestration, lifecycle management, and real-time policy, closed loop automation platform for edge and 5G services. AMCOP solves complexity at the management layer – simplifying edge infrastructure, network service, and application orchestration, enabling previously unimagined new services, drastically slashing operational costs, and speeding time to market. We use a CI/CD Methodology with customer releases every quarter to ensure access to the latest innovations. It’s 100% open source, cloud native, fully disaggregated, light-weight, and vendor agnostic.

AES: Aarna Edge Services (AES) is a SaaS platform that provides zero touch orchestration as a service for edge infrastructure and public clouds. Through a single pane of glass, AES supports environments composed of compute, storage, and network across a range of requirements from edge to cloud. Once infrastructure is composed, AES can deploy a variety of network services and applications.




ONAP Demystified eBook: A free eBook providing an overview of the Linux Foundation ONAP open source project.

VNF Onboarding for ONAP White Paper: White paper meant for a business decision maker to provide guidance around VNF onboarding technologies and strategies for ONAP.

What's New in ONAP Casablanca: A video recording of our webinar giving viewers an overview of what's new in the Casablanca release of ONAP.

Whitepaper: Project Nephio

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Case Study: Equinix