Since ACS's inception in 1989, we have experienced consistent growth by developing strong long-term relationships with our OEM partners and providing tremendous value to our clients. Our customer base is extremely diverse in size and the industries they serve. In the communications industry, ACS has helped wireline service providers, MSOs and wireless carriers build out their networks. Our experience in traditional wired broadband services and mobility gives us the expertise, technical talent and OEM relationships to help the operators deliver on LTE-based mobile broadband. We are well-equipped for urban and enterprise deployments and provide the integration experience, technical talent and programming skills necessary to build out, control and manage mobile broadband platforms.

Innovation in Enterprise Mobility

Welcome to the next generation of rich, interactive, and context aware applications. Through leveraging Multi-access edge computing, unlimited possibilities in Enterprise Mobility are emerging in mobile communications.

The MEC Controller and MEC Appliance by Smart Edge is an all-in-one hardware and software solution decentralizing the network and the cloud, enabling computation at the edge of the network. Our open platform allows for the creation of new and inspired applications while supporting the integration of existing applications into the MEC environment, all without disrupting business as usual!

Running on Intel architecture and behind any radio, it can be inserted into LTE networks and supports unlicensed wireless access technologies. The application environment is adjacent to the users, enabling an “as-a-Service” ecosystem in which virtual applications are deployed, managed or removed at the Cloud Edge, promising the lowest latency and highest bandwidth possible for over-the-air data transmission.

Smart Edge…A Multi-Access Edge Computing Offering

Smart Edge offers Enterprises much-needed cloud-computing capabilities and an IT service environment at the edge of the network.

As the use of mobile devices continues to grow, end-users are demanding:

better performance more personalized services improved experiences