Accelerating Network Platform Evolution

Advantech NCG provides the broadest range of communications infrastructure platforms in the industry scaling from 1 to over 300 Intel® cores, consolidating packet, application and control processing onto a single platform architecture and one code base.

Our technology leadership stems from our field-proven design expertise on Intel® Architecture combined with high speed I/O, high performance switching, hardware acceleration and innovative new offload techniques.

The group's Customized COTS framework allows Network Builders to deploy flexible, scalable, and efficient platforms based on the widest range of Intel® processors. When the migration of proprietary IP to a new platform is essential, Advantech helps bridge the gap between ODM and standard product to speed time to market.


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Advantech's networking platforms are more than just hardware designs based on Intel architecture silicon as we go much further than an ordinary ODM. As we strive to provide our customers with time to market advantages and lower total cost of ownership, we ensure that our platforms not only have outstanding stability secured by a word class design quality assurance process, but are enhanced by building in features which improve availability, serviceability and usability. Features which have a moderate impact on cost as they have been carefully designed by Advantech's in-house engineering teams and are kept consistent across the product line. This consistency allows Network Builders to choose the right product from the range which matches their performance / cost sweet spots, enabling seamless scalability in terms of processing, I/O and offload capabilities alike.

In addition, Advantech's unique Remote Evaluation Service (RES), offers customers easy and secure access to our entire range of platforms upon which they can rapidly evaluate Advantech value-add and test new services. In concert with other Network Builders and our own ecosystem partners we enable them with early access to the latest technology which accelerates their next generation product designs. As a result they can apply innovative new technology sooner to reduce operating expense and grow new revenue faster.

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Platforms for NFV and Edge Computing Platforms based on the Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family Remote Evaluation Service SHOW MORE