Ammeon is a services and solutions partner that helps organisations grasp the opportunities presented by emerging technologies and maintain that leading edge.

Our Consulting, Learning and Technology services and solutions unlock value from DevOps, Cloud, and related technologies, including Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN).

Our 200 + team of consultants, technical architects, project managers and developers has spent years successfully designing, developing, deploying and operating high availability production services for enterprises across multiple verticals. We have the real-world experience, technical know-how and operational understanding to deliver IT transformation.

Regardless of the starting point, our Consulting Practice assesses customer readiness and plots a course to achieving the required outcomes. The plan takes into account People, Process and Technology, including technology combinations (toolchain) suggestions, providing a detailed transformation roadmap to address all three.

  • Adopting DevOps and Cloud practices and tools delivers cost savings, accelerated delivery, elastic scalability and improved customer satisfaction. Ultimately they enable an organisation to add value and maintain a competitive edge. Regardless of the starting point, our Consultancy Practice can map the journey to achieving required outcomes by applying our ACCESS, PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT, WIN model. | Learn more
Technology Services & Solutions
  • Application Services - CI/CD Pipeline, Test Automation, API Management, Migration and Containerization.
  • Managed Services - Includes OpenStack Cloud, Platform as a Service and Network Orchestration Services.