Anuta Networks

Anuta Networks is a leading provider of Web-Scale On-prem and Cloud Network Orchestration and Assurance software for branch, campus, data center and service provider-managed multi-vendor enterprise networks. Anuta ATOM orchestration and assurance platform enables customers to automate and accelerate network services. Anuta ATOM offers complete Lifecycle Service Orchestration and Telemetry for the physical, virtual, and hybrid networks thus allowing customers to leverage their investments in existing network infrastructure and transition them seamlessly to Intent-Based SDN and NFV environments. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Anuta Networks is a Gartner Cool Vendor and Best of VMworld award winner three times in a row.


Anuta Networks ATOM is an industry-leading software platform solution designed to deliver in-depth analytics and complete closed-loop automation. Anuta ATOM platform provides end-to-end orchestration for campus, branch, and data center networks by leveraging both physical and virtual devices across multi-vendor network infrastructures.

Network operations teams are expected to manage increasingly complex, heterogeneous environments while meeting enterprise-class services levels for application delivery. Anuta ATOM is built on web-scale microservices architecture and enables network administrators to scale rapidly and efficiently without adding headcount.

Anuta ATOM uses IETF YANG to deliver model-driven automation, analytics and assurance for multi-vendor infrastructure. The platform collects operational data using SNMP, Streaming Telemetry and Model-driven Telemetry so that network architects can specify the exact metrics to be streamed from the device. Anuta ATOM normalizes this telemetry data and builds a dependency map to store in a time series database. Thus, Anuta ATOM becomes the single source of truth for configuration and operational data across multiple domains. Administrators and external applications can query the data, generate reports, perform compliance checks or schedule a periodic inventory of the infrastructure.

Features and benefits of Anuta ATOM
Offers Multi-Domain and Multi-Vendor support - Collects data from 1M+ devices across 45+ vendors. Supports streaming telemetry with data interval in milliseconds. Provides advanced customizable visualization and deep insights using Grafana and Time series database. Built using a web-scalable microservices architecture that facilitates high availability. Empowers smart networking through orchestration, automation and policy control. Offers SDKs and open APIs to integrate with external applications easily.