ARA Networks

ARA Networks, established in 1999 by a group of computer scientists to solve local operators' business challenges caused by rapid traffic explosion, is a pioneer and global leading provider of web, media, and mobile caching products.
ARA's acknowledged JAGUAR and Traffic Sentinel products and Telco-grade solutions, built upon a host of patents and patents pending, are deployed and trusted by hundreds of enterprises, Tier-1 operators, and CDN providers around the world. ARA Networks is named Global Top 6 Company in Transparent Caching market by Frost & Sullivan’s June 2013 Analysis of the Global Transparent Caching Market Report.

Core Technologies

ARA Networks provides independently developed OS technology that delivers unsurpassed performance and reliability for best network traffic management. JAGUAR OS can control overused or massive network traffic and maximizes network experience with unparalleled excellence of fast web content delivery. ARA Networks’ core solutions have become an integral part of secure and productive network environment to customers worldwide.



JAGUAR7000 - World’s First LTE Edge Cache for Traffic Optimization & Mobile CDN
JAGUAR7000 is world’s first LTE edge cache that can be deployed at eNB in close proximity to subscribers. Increase of mobile traffic have mobile ISP to face with several challenges such as service degradation by burst traffic, poor QoE by transmission delay, more infrastructure expansion and higher operation cost. Mobile operators today are facing challenges to overcome, such as service degradation from surge of mobile traffic in burst, poor QoE by transmission delay, and increased cost for network expansion and operation. With traffic optimization technology specially designed for LTE network, JAGUAR7000 reduces traffic more than 30% in LTE network to resolve congestion over LTE core/backhaul and saves huge costs for infrastructure expansion and operation. Also, it maximizes QoE by delivering contents directly from edge cache system located at eNB location close to subscribers during traffic congestion.

JAGUAR6000 - World’s Best Performance Transparent Cache for ISP/Telco
JAGUAR6000 is a session-based transparent cache (TIC) designed for ISP/Telco. JAGUAR6000 keeps existing business operation logic of content provider by delivering web/video content transparently at application side. It is based on ARA’s cache platform that has been proven by many customers worldwide for best performance and greater stability along with over 10 years’ experience. JAGUAR6000 is well suited for effectively delivering video contents in transparent way and it also optimized for delivering small objects such as web contents by being adapted with all the advantages from JAGUAR5000 cache engine which provides efficient caching service with fast response for small web objects. JAGUAR6000 operates as network backbone/edge cache for ISP/Telco, gateway(IX link) cache for ISP/Telco. And it works as a cache that can internetwork with DPI(Deep Packet Inspection) products. JAGUAR6000 comes in a various kind of appliances according to the processing capacity. It can be also provided in the form of software package with recommended H/W specification by ARA engineering team.

JAGUAR5000 - High Performance Proxy Cache
JAGUAR5000 is a versatile and well-rounded proxy cache system. It provides QoE enhancement and bandwidth savings for ISP customers and CDN Service provider can use JAGUAR5000 as cache server. Last but not least, enterprise can use it for security proxy. JAGUAR5000 provides high caching performance for 10Gbps throughput with a single system resulting in 40~50% bandwidth savings on average. The field-proven platform guarantees stability, reliability and performance in many customer sites for more than 10 years.