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Canonical is behind Ubuntu, the leading OS for container, cloud, and hyperscale computing. Most public cloud workloads use Ubuntu, as do most new smart gateways, switches, self-driving cars, and advanced robots. Canonical provides enterprise security, support, and services to commercial users of Ubuntu. Established in 2004, Canonical is a privately held company.

Scale and complexity brings similar challenges, big or small. Hybrid cloud, public cloud, on-prem only large datacenter or highly distributed infrastructure - Canonical Open Source technology building blocks provide a unified approach to enabling Service Providers to meet any current or future use-cases, from OpenRAN, next generation Core (5G and beyond) or AI at the edge.

By providing custom engineering, support contracts and training, we help clients in the telecoms and IT services industries to cut costs, improve efficiency and tighten security with Ubuntu and OpenStack. We work with hardware manufacturers like Intel, HP and Dell, to ensure the software we create can be delivered on the world’s most popular devices. And we contribute thousands of man-hours every year to projects like OpenStack, to ensure that the world’s best open source software continues to fulfill its potential.

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Canonical Open Source technology building blocks provide a unified approach to enabling Service Providers to meet any current or future use-cases, from OpenRAN, next generation Core (5G and beyond) or AI at the edge.

Canonical’s offerings adhere to the following core principles:

Pure upstream - leverage the power of the community to bring value and avoid lock-in

  • Consistently quick releases after upstream (e.g. typically 2 weeks after upstream Kubernetes releases)
  • Not forked, stripped down or having divergent APIs from upstream
  • Contributions upstreamed and not residing in separate branches
  • Facilitate greater adoption with Day 0 - Day 2 automation and commercial support


Meet demanding telco requirements - include the features and functionality needed in Telco environments.

  • Performance - Low latency & real time kernels, EPA support (e.g.SR-IOV, DPDK, CPU Pinning), GPU support
  • Longevity - partners can build products with confidence having a 10 year maintenance on all LTS releases
  • Deployment flexibility - common open source tooling across private cloud, public cloud and edge
  • Efficiency - systems management with Landscape, Observability stack, automation to reduce complexity (MAAS; Juju)


Secure - be the trusted source for open source to partners

  • Available for use - (FIPS, Common Criteria, CIS, and DISA STIG profiles, snaps, Ubuntu Pro via Public Clouds),
  • Supported - CVE patching on Ubuntu and 28,000+ 3rd party open source software packages for up to 10 years
  • Continued commitment to security via our engagement with Service Provider Customers, Governmental Bodies and Standards/Security bodies to ensure product and solution compliance to the strictest Government regulations in the US, EU and Asia (e.g. FIPS, NCSC TSR compliance, CIS hardening, etc)


Commercially supported - Effective support models that bring “peace of mind” to partner production environments.

  • Clear responsibility and accountability holistically from the infrastructure up to and including the applications
  • SLA based phone & ticketing support
  • Managed Services options for Infrastructure (Open Stack, Kubernetes, Ceph) and selective Applications.


Cost effective - deliver partner ROI that facilitates open source adoption & deployment

  • A single Ubuntu OS from development to production; no “community” vs “enterprise” versions. Choose from standard, low latency & real time kernels.
  • Cater to well defined central deployments and to high volume edge deployments
  • “Mutual success” commercial model with simple per node pricing (physical or virtual)

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