Creanord, Service Assurance for Virtualized Networks.

Creanord provides SLA, Performance Visibility and Network State to SDN and NFV.

The Creanord vProbe provides flexible, powerful and accurate end-to-end monitoring in data centers and other central locations as well as at the network edge. Creanord EchoVault system provides powerful performance reporting and SLA management with multi-vendor support. APIs, including REST, NETCONF and CSV ensure that the solution integrates well with systems such as SDN controllers, orchestrators and other Operations Support Systems. EchoVault Portal enables branded multi-tenant service reporting, regardless of underlying monitoring scheme.

Creanord empowers carriers to build intelligent, network state aware NFV and SDN applications without compromising quality.

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True SLA Management and Performance Assurance for Mobile Backhaul

Creanord lets Carriers Bridge the SLA Gap™ by offering the following solutions: Mobile Backhaul Assurance Wholescale Backhaul SLA Business & Cloud Access SLA Network State for SDN / NFV
notifications, delay, continuity, bandwidth
Creanord EchoVault

Creanord EchoVault is a True SLA™ Management and Performance Assurance system for Service Providers and Carriers.

Creanord SLA Assurance and Performance Management

Thanks to the versatility of the Creanord EchoVault, you get a unified end-to-end performance view to your physical and virtualized networks in easy to understand form. EchoVault works seamlessly with the CreaNODE vProbe and CreaNODE 3000 Advanced Probe measurement elements. It also seamlessly manages CreaSFP performance assurance transceivers. EchoVault can also extract performance data from almost any installed equipment using range of technologies: with NETCONF or SNMP directly from the equipment and using MTOSI or XML/CSV from the EMS. Regardless of the underlying technology, your network view is unified.

EchoVault runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle Linux and it can be distributed as a VNF. Virtualization such as KVM, WMware, XEN and Oracle VM is used for improved availability, flexibility and performance of your data center resources. Also Solaris (SPARC) with Zone and Container Virtualization is supported.

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