Erudine provides financial control systems to the finance industry using a unique case-driven behaviour engine. Building on the theories behind Test Driven Development (TDD), Erudine offers a range of processing systems for the financial services technology market that provide a new and advanced level of control.

Erudine systems are built and tailored on development cases, starting with the legislative and regulatory rules set that define the acceptable set of cases. Through this methodology we build systems that are only capable of processing tested cases and are therefore only capable of processing compliant cases.

This control-centric approach delivers financial processing systems that are compliant by design, rather than by integration with rules engines. Because our systems are built using the philosophy of agile test-based development, changes to the regulations or rule set are easy to implement and can have low- or zero-impact on live processes. Even changes to the classification of underlying data structures can be accommodated without significant downtime, delivering rigid regulatory control with highly flexible systems.

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A New Breed of Enterprise Control Solutions

Erudine has developed a new breed of Enterprise Control Management solutions for the finance sector. Our solutions automate the creation of internal compliance controls that update continuously in line with constantly changing markets and regulations. Plus we enable you to apply them directly to your existing operations.

Our solutions also reduce your risk by spotting where your actual day-to-day behaviors deviate from what you should be doing. Whatever outcome you want, our software compares that with real-time data from your operations and flags up when your employees are not complying with policies. This makes your processes easy to manage and is what we call an “actionable” or “effective internal control.”

Through this process, we mitigate financial, operational and reputational risks by enabling you to deliver consistent, visible and certain business controls that help you deliver on your operational excellence objectives.