FRINX consists of a team of passionate developers and industry professionals who want to change the way networking software is developed, deployed and operated. Enterprise and service provider customers are choosing FRINX products and solutions to automate and virtualize branch offices, core, edge and access network functions. FRINX leverages open source projects like OpenDaylight and and transform such community platforms into supported products that solve real customer problems. Our mission is to make open source simple to use, highly available and supported, so our customers can focus on their job and grow and run the network. Open source has become the de-facto standard for new networking applications and we are committed to being a part of this thriving ecosystem. FRINX proudly serves enterprise and service provider customers from the Fortune Global 500 list.

FRINX ODL Distribution

Targeted at end-users and resellers/developers/OEM customers, releases are based on the public OpenDaylight project release schedule.

Curated and tested – each release passes through stages of rigorous quality assurance before we make it available to our customers. Production Support – FRINX offers support options to address the needs of your deployment stage from lab to production. FRINX components and modules – make our distribution more useful and simpler to use and operate compared with the public ODL version.

The most recent addition to the FRINX modules is the UniConfig Framework. The purpose of the UniConfig Framework is to manage configuration of networking devices with a unified OpenConfig based interface. In addition, the UniConfig framework enables device and network wide transactions so that the network will always remain in a well-defined state without leftovers from failed configuration attempts.

More information about the UniConfig Framework and other FRINX modules in ODL can be found here: