Lumina Networks

Lumina Networks returns network control to our customers who seek a more compelling relationship with their subscribers. By building more customer-centric, dynamic networks, Lumina Networks reduces OpEx and increases revenue opportunities by automating networks with open source, software-defined solutions. Our unifying technologies enable the functionality you need to supply the on-demand and customizable services of tomorrow in the brownfield environments of today.

An essential component to any fully automated and programmable network, the Lumina Networks solution creates a vendor agnostic pool of network resources enabled by hardened, open source platforms. Free of vendor lock-in, Service Providers regain control of service innovation while maximizing network utilization and performance.

Open your network. Open your development process. Open your possibilities.

Service Automation

Closed-loop automation is the ultimate approach to lowering network operations costs. Lumina's extension and adaption platform, running on OpenDaylight, is used to normalize telemetry data triggering control actions or optimizations automatically.

Use Cases:
Provisioning NETCONF NW management CLIconf NW management Assurance : telemetry normalization
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