MATRIXX is Powering the Future for market-leading Digital Service Providers (DSPs) worldwide. With a team who have spent their careers in Telco software development, MATRIXX recognized that traditional IT Infrastructures were not built for a digital world, where billions of complex transactions are processed and monetized in real-time every day.

MATRIXX has designed and built a new generation of real-time technology to meet the future needs of the DSP. Our patented technology is fundamentally different from existing real-time applications and delivers a guaranteed level of performance and remains predictable under extreme loads enabling DSPs to manage all complex business logic in one next generation platform.

Solution Overview

MATRIXX enables service providers to innovate and profit from the transition to digital. The MATRIXX platform combines real-time charging, policy and analytics enablement to offer a differentiated customer experience. Its technology provides DSPs with unique market advantages by delivering unrivalled performance. In deployment, it is proven to outperform existing real-time systems by greater than 100 times.

Using MATRIXX, DSPs can accelerate data monetization, rapidly deploy new service propositions and drive customer engagement.

Unified Policy And Charging Product Brief

Combining the traditional functions of online charging and policy management to deliver a differentiated digital experience

Convergent Charging Solution

A real-time charging platform for digital service providers

Online Customer Experience Solution

A rich ‘mobile first’ experience without compromises