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Mettle Networks Private Limited

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Mettle Networks Private Limited

Mettle Networks, with its disruptive IP Networking products, focuses on SDN/NFV and programmable networking. Its helps Telcos to fast track their transformation from a technology-focused model to a more user-centric service delivery model. Based on Intel technology, Mettle Networks develops data plane products for service delivery specific use-cases for the broadband/MSO markets. Its microservice-based systems are designed from the ground up to be part of cloud-native infrastructure. To meet the growing demands of FTTH and 5G networks, Mettle Networks' NFV products provide at-par or better packet throughput performance, in certain cases, compared to CAPEX-intensive, purpose-built appliances.

Mettle Networks focuses on developing cloud-native products that are capable of unmanned operation, automatic scale-out/scale-in and self-healing functions. Thanks to the Container revolution and Open Source NFV MANO systems. Mettle Networks' products are deployed by Internet Service Providers for broadband service delivery and by BFI/NBFC enterprises for network core functions. Its deployments include broadband policy enforcement and mediation systems, carrier-grade policy engines, high performance messaging systems, perimeter security and policy enforcement systems and fault-tolerant VoIP switches. Mettle Networks has a strong track record of generating intellectual property assets in IP Networking and related fields.


This cloud-native elastic BNG (Mettle eBNG) has been built from the ground up as microservices to be run on Containers and managed by Open Source NFV MANO systems. It is designed to achieve unmanned operation, automatic scale-out and scale-in to save on resources and energy requirements, and self-healing capabilities to ensure that customer experience is not affected in case of an unexpected microservice failure or degradation.

Mettle eBNG is complete with access protocols (such as PPPoE, IPoE and QinQ), traffic shaper and policy enforcement capabilities and AAA functions. Emphasis is given on packet throughput performance—an often forgotten factor in the virtualized world.


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Mettle News is a monthly update on networking technology, security in general and Mettle brand of products. It features in-depth tutorials and tips pertaining to effective utilization of Mettle brand of products in your network.