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NetNumber was founded in 1999 with the goal of simplifying the migration of SS7/C7 signaling to next-generation signaling while enabling network carriers to continue to use telephone numbers to identify subscribers. At the time, many in the industry believed phone numbers would disappear along with SS7/C7. History has shown phone numbers are here to stay, and we’ll be interworking between SS7/C7 and the next-generation network for decades to come. In fact, current research indicates network operators will need to continue to invest in SS7, with growth expected to be 20% through 2018.

Today, network operators are challenged to design and optimize networks that enable business agility, drive down long-term costs, and increase reliability, resilience and scalability. The growing complexity in signaling and service control hinders achievement of these goals.

NetNumber deliveries innovative NFV solutions to help carriers address the dual challenges of transitioning from legacy technologies to next-generation IP networks, while dealing with an ever-increasing signaling load brought on by new devices and new services on the network -- the so-called "signaling Tsunami". We are the leading provider of converged signaling, routing and database services to the global communications industry.

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NetNumber TITAN provides a common NFV infrastructure for ALL signaling control, policy enforcement and subscriber database services in the network. TITAN delivers the industry’s widest-range of support for the latest signaling protocols.

Mobile operators, fixed carriers, and interconnect providers around the globe leverage TITAN to:

Accelerate Migration to Next Generation Services: TITAN enables smooth inter-working with legacy signaling management services and protocols during the transition to a next generation network. By enabling the interworking of legacy and next-generation network services, our customers can enjoy profitable growth.

Increase Service Agility: TITAN provides a programmable service logic execution environment accelerating time to market for new service control functions and customer-defined service logic on a call-by-call basis.

Mitigate Signaling Surges: TITAN utilizes dynamic service chaining techniques to combines scalable database services (HSS, PCRF, LRF) with DIAMETER signaling-control (DSC, DRA, SLF) to eliminate up to 67% of DIAMETER signaling traffic. Other DIAMETER vendors can only help to “manage the signaling” surge. TITAN eliminates more than half of traffic with real-time distribution of policy and/or subscriber data to the edge of the network.

Reduce Operating Costs: TITAN is deployed as a common infrastructure for all signaling control services and database functions (HSS, NP, LCR, PCRF, etc.). Because TITAN is a single platform, operators can reduce the number of boxes for each individual signaling function they need to purchase, deploy and maintain.


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