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Netrolix leverages artificial intelligence to analyze network data to improve throughput by making more intelligent routing decisions. AI-WAN combines Netrolix Software Defined Gateways (SDG) with the company's Machine Learning controller technology that provides deep analysis of network routes to identify the least congested and fastest data path through the network. The Software Defined Gateway (SDG) is a multifunction network appliance that can be deployed as a router, switch, firewall, or SD-WAN appliance. This provides full SD-WAN capabilities with intelligent switching of data across IP, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), virtual private LAN service (VPLS), and virtual private network (VPN) connections, or it can be deployed as a termination point for carrier services. The Machine Learning controller platform analyzes real-time and historical information on network performance including data center locations, service provider tendencies, current congestion issues, time of day, and historical traffic patterns. Lastly, the Security Shield enhances these capabilities through the creation of unique security profiles for each device, location, and network in an enterprise. The Machine Learning technology analyzes data from these devices to spot traffic anomalies that are consistent with malware or network attacks.



AI-WAN™ service provides instant MPLS, VPLS, and VPE (point to point Ethernet) built on a patented machine learning, neural network core that leverages millions of real-time and historic performance data that is fed into our machine learning platform. This data is collected from over 40,000+ global locations with performance visibility into every global Internet Service Provider.

Cloud Connect

Netrolix Cloud Connect makes it easy to rapidly stand up a connection to your cloud provider like AWS or Microsoft Azure. You can leverage options like MPLS on the Netrolix AI-WAN™ platform to connect to multiple cloud providers in different regions coupled with flexible routing options.

AI-WAN Security

Netrolix's Security platform is built with internal deep learning, machine learning capabilities coupled with unique security algorithms. By dynamically learning your traffic patterns and adjusting accordingly we are capable of taking action to mitigate threats up and to complete lockdown for worst case scenarios.

Global VPN

Every Netrolix Data Center is equipped with a fully functional SDN Based VPN Gateways. For the mobile workforce and remote project teams, having access to your private network resources is a must. Let us help you solve your connectivity problems like performance or local firewall policies and rules that impair your functionality.

Value-Added Services

Netrolix offers its monitoring services as a stand-alone option. This service is best suited for those that simply need to centralize management and visibility on a single platform for existing devices and have a network in place.


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