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NoviFlow is a pioneering provider of programmable match-action pipeline solutions that enable our customers to build application-driven network services and appliances.

Customers use our products to leverage the programmability of Barefoot Networks Tofino switch silicon and the P4 programming language to create flexible, hardware accelerated network edge services, and to more fully automate datacenters. With NoviFlow technology, our customers are building a new generation of intelligent, robust and scalable networks that work ever more closely with applications.

Our innovative NoviWare Network Operating System is offered on Tofino based switches from several leading white-box ODM vendors. NoviWare is the only commercial operating system providing a native P4 Runtime environment and an OpenFlow interface for legacy SDN applications.

The NoviFlow CyberMapper Domain Specific Controller provide a complete solution for creating elastic security tool farms for high-capacity networks. By leveraging the programmability of the Barefoot Tofino chip, CyberMapper, can dynamically scale and offload security appliances by consolidating proportional load balancing, a Threat Intelligence Gateway and inline packet broker services into a single device.

For more information on our products, please visit us at: www.noviflow.com

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NoviFlow works with our customers to leverage the programmability of Barefoot Networks Tofino-basd switches. Customers that have specific packet processing requirements can engage with our world class Networking Solution Engineers to develop applications based on the P4 language and the PISA processor architecture. We also offer an “in-line Security Broker” controller that leverages the Tofino programmable pipeline technology to deliver security cluster management while reducing time-to-market and costs.

Our products include:

Full Network Operating System (NOS) enables the definition of tables, pipelines and match/actions, optimizing their use with specific applications Rich set of O&M features Commercial P4 Runtime environment allows compilation of P4 programs and execution on the Tofino architecture
Turnkey Tofino-based switch with NoviWare pre-loaded A wide selection of interfaces, core switching speeds and port configurations based on popular white-box ODM
Provides security tool farm scaling and acceleration features for Security Pool Farms (example, expensive Firewall Clusters)
Proportional Load-balancing Inline Packet Broker Services Bump-In-Wire Threat Intelligence Gateway that isolates Security Appliances in an SDN driven Security Domain Visual Latency, an In-Band Network Telemetry (INT) service that measures packet latency added by the security tools