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Communications companies face many challenges today, including shifting business models, increasing demand for bandwidth, and intense competition. Network function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) are revolutionizing the way services are delivered, but must be implemented the right was to be effective.

Red Hat solutions provide a secure, open foundation for NFV and SDN solutions. With Red Hat, you can reduce infrastructure complexity and costs, increase operational efficiency, and accelerate time-to-market and time-to-revenue for new product and service offerings. Additionally, Red Hat's open source technologies support the flexibility and growth you need to respond to rapidly changing industry demands now and in the future.

Red Hat, the leader in open source software, is committed to bringing the benefits of open source innovation to the communications industry. To learn more about Red Hat solutions for the communications industry, visit www.redhat.com/solutions/industry/telecom/


ABot is a test automation framework for testing 4G Mobility and 5G NSA and SA scenarios with simulated eNodeB, EPC, SCEF, SCS, IMS along with 5G SBA Core Network Functions. It simulates 5G UEs by sending NAS packets through a simulated gNB. ABot’s behavior oriented architecture is ideal for testing of 3GPP defined 5G use cases. It is distributed as a software package that can be deployed on both local and cloud platforms. Additional test bench components (such as 3rd party traffic generators and metrics collectors) are also deployed in an automated manner along with ABot. ABot can trigger deployment of Test VNFs using the relevant orchestrator and invoke functional and load tests for VNF certification and service validation.

ABot enables validation of complex network services like VoLTE over NFV-compliant virtual infrastructure that are mostly driven by Intel-powered scalable Xeon processors. Graphical visualization of test results and root cause analysis is possible with the help of ladder diagrams. ABot displays KPIs like CPU, memory, power consumption details along with counters for transactions per second and throughput for each network protocol. ABot is able to measure Network Slice specific parameters by running tests on the different slices.


ABot 5G supporting NSA and SA scenarios are available for validating 5G Network Functions. Rebaca has participated in ETSI – Open Air Interface Software Alliance (OSA) Event to set up a global CI/CD lab based on Openstack. Rebaca Technologies had the privilege to demonstrate the framework of ABoT for emulation of 4G and 5G IoT network components at this event. ABot has been used as a comprehensive test tool for validating OAI EPC on OPNFV Functest Framework. ABot has also been used to set up a lab for VNF life-cycle management using ONAP.

Functest Framework

Fig : OAI EPC Validation using OPNFV Functest Framework

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