5G Test Orchestrator for VNF validation with KPIs and analytics

Rebaca is a niche software development company focused on delivering telecommunication and multimedia software for OEMS, CSPs, Solution Providers and System Integrators, worldwide. In telecommunication our expertise includes network function validation, protocol stack development and validation, ML driven predictive data analytics and test orchestration solutions. Rebaca’s ABot Test Tool validates 4G and 5G Network Functions as per 3GPP standards and stress test the network component with KCIs measuring the performance of the underlying hardware.

The ABot Test Orchestration framework includes user-friendly Domain Specific Language (DSL) reusable test templates which are easily modifiable. Integration with any CI/CD engine, KPI dashboard, Test analytics and ML driven anomaly detection makes ABot a robust test automation software.


ABot is a test automation framework for testing 4G Mobility and 5G NSA and SA scenarios with simulated eNodeB, EPC, SCEF, SCS, IMS along with 5G SBA Core Network Functions. It simulates 5G UEs by sending NAS packets through a simulated gNB. ABot’s behavior oriented architecture is ideal for testing of 3GPP defined 5G use cases. It is distributed as a software package that can be deployed on both local and cloud platforms. Additional test bench components (such as 3rd party traffic generators and metrics collectors) are also deployed in an automated manner along with ABot. ABot can trigger deployment of Test VNFs using the relevant orchestrator and invoke functional and load tests for VNF certification and service validation.

ABot enables validation of complex network services like VoLTE over NFV-compliant virtual infrastructure that are mostly driven by Intel-powered scalable Xeon processors. Graphical visualization of test results and root cause analysis is possible with the help of ladder diagrams. ABot displays KPIs like CPU, memory, power consumption details along with counters for transactions per second and throughput for each network protocol. ABot is able to measure Network Slice specific parameters by running tests on the different slices.