Rebaca is a technology consulting company serving OEMs and Solution Providers worldwide, and focuses on video delivery, wireless infrastructure, network security, data analytics and test orchestration solutions. Rebaca develops leading-edge solutions for customers with unique requirements and has a rich portfolio of innovative IP across multiple technologies that helps companies achieve strategic cost reduction through specialized development and advanced technology licensing.


The ABot solution comprises of a Test Orchestration framework that enables Service Providers and OEMs to define reusable tests based on a user-friendly Domain Specific Language (DSL) and execute them in a scheduled manner through any CI/CD engine such as Jenkins.

ABot is distributed as a software package that can be deployed on both local and cloud platforms. Additional test bench components (such as 3rd party traffic generators and metrics collectors) are also deployed in an automated manner along with ABot. ABot can trigger deployment of Test VNFs using the relevant orchestrator and subsequently invoke functional and load tests for VNF certification and service validation. ABot enables validation of complex network services like VoLTE over NFV-compliant virtual infrastructure that is mostly driven by Intel-powered scalable Xeon processors.

ABot provides a repository for user-defined Test Cases; both at integration-level as well as system-level. These test cases are in the form of feature files and can be executed either individually or in groups through CI/CD systems like Jenkins. The test results are viewable through the web-based ABot UI as well as through the Jenkins dashboard; thereby enabling easy certification of the System under Test (SUT).