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Virtualization is more than just about reducing CAPEX and OPEX. Today's Communication Service Providers (CSPs) look to virtualization as a means for speed: rapid launch of new business, swift deployment of new technology, more compatible resource management and peak load management.

Agile is the new efficient for CSPs. At Redknee, we see virtualization as a technology strategy that enables CSPs to “do more for less” by being leveraging virtualization to get to market faster while taking advantage of the shared resource management that virtualization allows. Whether it's a short-term goal, driven by speed to market for content-driven services or a long-term strategy that focuses on achieving lower hardware costs, Redknee is helping CSPs worldwide compete using virtualized systems and agile business models. As one of the leaders in the telecom BSS industry, Redknee is at the forefront of virtualization strategies, deploying mission critical real-time monetization software in both public and private cloud environments at scale and leveraging virtualization to enable CSPs to become more agile and more scalable at the same time.


Redknee combines the power of its out-of-the-box real-time converged charging, billing, policy and care solution with the flexibility, reliability and scalability necessary to go to market quickly and cost effectively. Whether launching a new brand, creating a new line of business or upgrading existing billing infrastructure, Redknee gets service providers to market faster than any other solution.

Virtualized BSS at scale

The world's most scalable, reliable BSS and IN services solutions

Redknee's innovation has helped clients deploy virtualized BSS and mission critical applications in private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Redknee has proven systems for its clients at unprecedented scale, leveraging cloud bursting and a single virtualized environment to support 1.4 billion busy hour prepaid transaction attempts on a complex configuration—far more than any other system.

NFV for policy and online charging

The agility and responsiveness necessary for the new digital economy

Policy and online charging sit at the heart of a flexible and extensible set of virtualized functions, making increasingly sophisticated, contextual decisions on behalf of end users and providing the ability to scale up and down on-demand, which can help service providers significantly reduce hardware requirements and provide a way to try new services without taking on as much risk.

With Redknee's NFV policy and online charging solution, service providers gain greater agility, with faster and more flexible provisioning of new end-to-end services, offering an escape from the traditional twelve to twenty-four month service creation cycles that hinder long-term competitiveness. With Redknee, service providers gain the agility and responsiveness necessary to address the needs of the new digital economy.