Communication Behavior Analytics for Breach Prevention

Sideband Networks' solutions prevent breaches by identifying active threats to critical assets on the network. Sideband's SBN Behavioral Monitoring Solution leverages analytics and machine cognition to understand normal patterns of communication behavior and generate premium, contextual alerts to anomalous behavior indicative of an emerging threat. Sideband's solution deploys through spans, taps, and mirror ports to gather live streaming traffic with minimal impact on the enterprise security footprint. The SBN appliances can handle over 10 Gbps of live network traffic and house Sideband's analytics software for real-time processing and alerting. The solution deploys quickly, does not require complicated rules and signatures to set up, and integrates with your existing security infrastructure to improve situational awareness and speed security incident response. Available in physical appliance and virtual form factors, the Sideband solution is ideal for deployment in enterprise data centers, corporate headquarters, and remote offices.

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SBN Series Appliances

The Sideband SBN series appliances provide real-time behavior analytics and anomaly detection in a compact, 1U form factor. With models available supporting maximum processing rates of up to 10Gbps, the SBN series appliances are ideal for deployment in enterprise data centers, corporate headquarters and branch offices.

Monitors network behavior to and from critical assets to alert security teams to threats. Automatically builds a profile of normal network behaviors at various times of the day or week to provide new visibility into assets. Leverages advanced behavioral analytics techniques; no need to develop and maintain complex threat signatures. Agent-less implementation deploys with no increase in security footprint on clients or hosts. Integrates with security infrastructures to add reliable threat detection to SIEM, firewall and IDS/IPS systems.
vSBN Virtual Appliance

The Sideband vSBN virtual appliance provides the same real-time behavior analytics and anomaly detection as the SBN appliance while easily deploying as an OVF. With the vSBN, security teams can monitor critical asset communications for both the virtual and physical networks running within and between hypervisors.