Sumavision (Stock Code:300079), is a worldwide leader of video delivery solutions to broadcast, cable, satellite, internet, mobile and telco video service as well as digital TV, conditional access system, OTT system and enhanced edge CMTS.

Globally Sumavision serves over 2560 organizational customers from Germany, France, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria and other Europe countries; USA, Brazil, Argentina, Saint Lucia, Uruguay, Honduras and other America countries; India, Bangladesh, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Asia countries and regions; Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan and other CIS countries; Algeria and other Africa countries. So far, the sales amount of the Europe and North America markets is about one third of the total overseas sales amount of Sumavision.

Currently Sumavision has 8 marketing centers, 39 offices in America, Russia, India, Brazil, Poland, the Philippines, Chinese Taiwan, etc