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About NOVA

NOVA’s Virtual Sitters Reduce Patient Risk and Cost

About NOVA

NOVA (Nursing Observation and Virtual Assistant) is a virtual patient monitoring solution that aids the healthcare team as a virtual assistant. Hospitals leverage our solution to reduce the expense and strain on staffing traditional 1:1 sitters; mitigates patient falls and enhances the facilities’ clinical workflow. NOVA enhances patient status awareness, safety, response times, interventions and decision making for the healthcare team and overall patient safety program.


NOVA integrates multiple ways of communicating, along with patient alarms and various other alerts and relevant metrics, so the observation staff can effectively monitor and intervene with patients, as well as communicate a patient’s status with the healthcare staff.  The use cases for solutions such as NOVA have grown significantly, especially since the COVID-19 Pandemic.


NOVA is an Intel Market-Ready Solution with servers and workstations powered by Intel processors. 

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Why Hospitals Choose NOVA

What is NOVA?

Nursing Observation and Virtual Assistant is a powerful patient safety solution that enhances patient care and drives workflow optimization. NOVA is the world's most powerful patient monitoring solution.


Hospitals across the nation choose NOVA because of the immediate return on investment (ROI) that is proven when remote patient observation is deployed in any hospital setting. A 2016 study conducted by the Joint Commission Center, Health Research & Educational Trust, and American Hospital Association suggests that video-monitoring is a safe and effective intervention method for improving patient safety and preventing falls.


NOVA is integrated in hospitals to also support nurses in their healthcare responsibilities. Hospitals love NOVA for its many use cases, including, but not limited to: 

  • Reducing patient falls, 

  • Improving satisfaction among patients and nurses alike, 

  • Monitoring at-risk behavioral health patients, 

  • Reducing nurse burnout, and 

  • Monitoring COVID-19 positive patients safely 


When NOVA is deployed in any hospital setting, Wachter Healthcare Solutions staff will train clinical staff on how to operate the technology and utilize the NOVA dashboard. Wachter Healthcare Solutions is always there for hospitals with a 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) to address all questions and troubleshoot any issues.


Another crucial reason why hospitals chose NOVA is because of the integration capabilities within a hospital’s electronic medical record (EMR) system. NOVA EMR integration allows for faster patient enrollment, a 360-degree view into a patient’s health status and connects to a hospital’s existing workflow for managing electronic medical records. All NOVA devices are HIPAA compliant and Joint Commission compliant. NOVA was named an awardee of an Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to improve patient outcomes in VA Medical Centers nationwide.


When it comes to providing the best patient care in your hospital, choose NOVA, the world’s most powerful patient observation solution.

NOVA in Action

NOVA by Wachter Healthcare Solutions


Virtual patient observation with NOVA improves patient safety in hospitals. With NOVA’s remote monitoring capabilities, one observation technician can monitor up to 12 patients and allocate nursing staff when necessary. This helps hospitals reduce their reliance on hospital sitter programs and reallocate staff to accomplish critical nursing responsibilities.


Wachter Healthcare Solutions has developed six different NOVA devices that can be easily integrated in a healthcare facility. Each of these devices can meet the appropriate needs for patients in various units or healthcare settings. With the MCA30 Mobile Observation Cart or the MCA20 Mobile Observation Cart, staff can easily wheel in this patient observation tool to monitor patients safely in their rooms.


The NOVA portable wall-mount unit allows the flexibility of a small form factor with room-to-room portability and three fixed room solutions: the FRA20 Fixed Room Camera and Audio solution, the ALA20 Ligature-Resistant and Tamper-Resistant Fixed Room Asset and the ALA30 Ligature-Resistant and Tamper-Resistant Fixed Room Asset ceiling-mounted cameras that are permanently installed. These devices allow NOVA to provide your staff with reliable patient information, alert them when patients need immediate assistance, and improve patient satisfaction. 


The NOVA MCA30 Mobile Observation Cart is a powerful mobile observation tool used for effective and safe monitoring of patients. This technology features two-way audio and HD video to communicate with patients and improve workflow efficiencies in healthcare environments. Designed for most clinical environments, the MCA30 Mobile Observation Cart meets your facility’s unique observation needs – now and in the future.


Remote patient observation is now possible for your healthcare facility with the NOVA 20L Mobile Observation Cart. The NOVA MCA20 Mobile Observation Cart is a powerful mobile observation tool used for efficient and safe patient observation. Designed for most clinical settings, especially where space is limited in patient rooms.


How to Combat Nurse Burnout, Improve Employee Retention with Healthcare Technology

With the NOVA PWA20 Portable Wall Asset, healthcare staff now have a complete virtual window into the patient’s condition. This powerful patient observation technology can be mounted to any room wall. In addition to providing two-way audio communications, the PWA20 Portable Wall Asset provides clear HD video to the virtual observation tech monitoring patients in your healthcare facility.


The NOVA FRA20 Fixed Room Camera and Audio Solution monitors patients at-risk of falls, harm, or aggression. This device provides two-way audio communications from a nursing staff member monitoring the patient to the patient’s room. Another helpful feature of this device is optional aggression analytics to address auditory aggression before the situation turns to physical violence.


The NOVA ALA30 Ligature-Resistant & Tamper-Resistant Fixed Room Asset monitors patients at-risk of harm, aggression, and on low-risk suicide watch. An observation technician can always monitor a patient using a high-definition camera with pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities.


In addition to HD video with a fixed wide-angle view, a two-way audio system helps remote staff communicate verbally with patients. The NOVA ALA30 offers two-way video capability for observation technicians to communicate with patients. Optional aggression analytics can be integrated to address auditory aggression before a situation in the room turns to physical violence.


Monitoring at-risk patients is easier with the NOVA ALA20 Ligature-Resistant and Tamper-Resistant Fixed Room Asset. This solution monitors patients at-risk of self-harm, falling, or aggression towards others. The ALA20 is Joint Commission compliant. The ALA20 includes a tamper-resistant and ligature-resistant camera to always monitor a patient. Two-way audio communications occur between the patient and an observation technician to aid in patient safety efforts. Audio communications are sent and received via a tamper-resistant and ligature-resistant steel box with two high security locks. Built-in aggression analytics detect when situations are becoming hostile to help the observation technician alert staff immediately.


The NOVA Patient Observation Software provides unified real-time communication, improves staff workflow, has seamless data integration for patient records, and allows for reliable real-time monitoring. NOVA Data Visualization dashboards provide a visual representation of real-time metrics on utilization and outcomes. These dashboards work seamlessly within the platform, providing insight into operational utilization and effectiveness. Data is depicted facility-wide and by date range. Visual metrics provide a straightforward way to compare results and ROI against organizational goals.


NOVA dashboards provide nursing managers and healthcare administrators with data on patient sitter reduction. This data helps ascertain sitter reduction and justification for sitter usage and identifies the types of patients that are being monitored by NOVA Monitor Techs. The data can be used to determine sitter hours saved based on 1 NOVA Monitor Tech per 12 Patient ratios.


NOVA Roadmap

NOVA's All New Data Visualization Reporting Dashboards

The NOVA Product and user interface has multiple new dashboards that will provide graphical visualization and presentation of clinical data metrics, statistics, and trend analysis that can be used by healthcare and administrative staff to obtain insight into NOVA’s operational use and effectiveness. The Dashboards will provide a visual representation of real-time metrics.  The new Data Visualization suite will work seamlessly within the NOVA software platform, providing insight into trends in operational use and its effectiveness.  

The visual metrics will provide a straightforward method to compare results and ROI against organizational goals.  The dashboards are easy to operate and can provide straightforward methods for analysis, comparing patient monitoring results, and validating that organization goals and Return on Investment (ROI) are consistently achieved.

See the new NOVA Data Visualization dashboards in action »

About Wachter Healthcare Solutions

Wachter Healthcare Solutions designs, installs, and maintains innovative solutions like NOVA to improve safety, staff utilization, and patient satisfaction in healthcare facilities. 

Wachter Healthcare Solutions is a brand of Wachter, Inc., a leading nationwide solutions integrator deploying technology solutions for organizations since 1930.

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