With the Yanzi Internet-of-Things software platform, service providers can connect billions of things to millions of users to create exciting new services and revenue streams. The cloud service delivery platform allows users to wirelessly connect devices in a true Plug & Play fashion (Patent Pending).

The Yanzi software is based on open standards and makes the Internet-of-Things dramatically easier to develop and deploy. Our mission is to deliver real and robust Internet-of-Things solutions to customers in record time to improve their business performance.

Key market applications include remote site management, smart lighting, smart & secure home, and smart cities. The technology is available globally through a network of professional systems integrators and leading service providers. For additional information, please visit www.yanzi.se.



Internet-of-Things means connecting anything from low cost battery powered temperature sensors to high performance surveillance cameras, to the Internet. This is done either directly or via a Gateway.

All the Things communicate with Cloud Servers located inside the Internet. All communication is based on the Internet Protocol, IP, which is the most flexible, scalable, and used method of communication anywhere. This will deliver better economics in transportation, higher energy efficiency in buildings, improved health care, less waste, and many other values. By having more and better information directly from many different sources and sensors, and being able to control things whenever needed, large values can be captured.

Internet-of-Things aims to connect millions of users and places, and billions of things. The Yanzi Cloud Software Platform operates on Cloud Servers and Gateways and it collects data, manage devices, and provides processed information to users in real time. It scales to hundreds of millions of users and/or Gateways by being distributed over many Cloud Servers simultaneously.

The Gateway, an Extension of the Cloud

Yanzi Gateways may cost as little as a few dollars connecting a few Things in a small installation. It may also connect tens of thousands of Things using a high performance Gateway. The Yanzi Gateway software implements the Yanzi Cloud platform but also provides many Gateway specific functions such as:

Aggregation of data from Things allows for sharing of expensive WAN link resources and common storage modules.
Adaptation between wide area network (WAN) and local area network (LAN) link technologies.
Maintains an encrypted communication channel with the cloud to allow instant remote access and real-time notifications.
Autonomous operation if WAN link is unavailable.
Providing a high performance local API for data, such as video, without sending it over the WAN link.
Data synchronization with the Cloud of sensor data, device configuration, backups, and authentication information.
Discovery and enabling of new Things locally.