Cloud Native

Initially Network Function Virtualization was thought as taking software from physical appliances into Virtual Machines on volume servers so that services could be more quickly developed and deployed. This Physical to Virtual Migration was then followed by further steps of re-architecting VNF software and as needed by optimizing the underlying platforms on a path towards Cloud Native. Cloud Native principles allow design of highly agile and available services based on applications running on server platforms, while assuming that both application components and platforms might not be available because of upgrades or system failures. Beyond software design there are also implications of Cloud Native on operations, organizations and culture.

Intel teams worked on building tools, capabilities and enabling platform vendors, major existing VNF vendors, and leading Communications Service Providers on applying Cloud Native design principles in various infrastructure segments of Telco Cloud. This page lists a collection of those tools from trainings to white papers and SDKs. If you are interested in direct discussion please contact your Intel account manager.

Intel® Network Builders University trainings Webinar White papers Software Development Kit
VNF SDK “Yet Another Network Function Framework” (abbreviated YANFF) on Github allows fast prototyping of network functions in Go language.
Performance Characterization Framework
Network Services Benchmark (NSB) contributed to OPNFV Yardstick is framework for VNF characterization and benchmarking, and through extensions can support multiple VNFs created by different vendors or those provided with NSB.