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Cloudification of the Edge with Cloud-native Network Functions

Arpit Menaria, Intel; Geoff Hultin, Turnium; Josh Hicks, Turnium and Andrea Turno, Red Hat

Oct 18 2022 | 47 mins

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As businesses of all types and sizes develop new ways to generate value from data, network topologies are evolving at an unprecedented rate. The distributed nature of business computing is a central aspect of that shift. Cloud-native network functions (CNFs) and containers allow workloads and networks to be decoupled from the underlying infrastructure, enabling greater flexibility, simplicity, and scalability.  This means workloads can execute anywhere, including on-premises or across multiple clouds.

In a joint architecture developed with Intel and Red Hat, the disaggregated SD-WAN solution from Turnium enables the deployment of containers to support edge compute and other containerized workloads.

Realizing the full benefit of edge computing requires network operators to reassess solution stacks with primary attention to agility and flexibility. The solution from Red Hat, Turnium, and Intel provides an open approach to building future-ready distributed networks. Testing conducted by a third party Tietoevry verifies that the solution offers end customers outstanding performance along with the benefits of cloud-native implementation including agility, flexibility, and scalability.

- Arpit Menaria, Enterprise Edge Segment Manager at Intel
- Geoff Hultin, Chief Marketing Officer, Turnium
- Josh Hicks, VP Product and Development, Turnium
- Andrea Turno, Telco Business Development Manager, Red Hat