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Edge Big Bang

Francesc Guim, Chief of Edge Architecture, Intel

Nov 17 2022 | 59 mins

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Edge Data Center? Yeah, of course… but highly distributed edge is becoming a reality. Edge is not anymore a proof of concept that runs in a single location in a controlled environment. Real deployments customers are starting to deploy use cases that are decomposed from device to cloud and that run in thousands of different locations (e.g. 100K Road Side Units or BTS). This, per se, is already a big challenge. However; this becomes augmented by multiple facts:

1. Not reliable networks;
2. Extreme harsh conditions (thermal, dust etc.) that make systems potentially less stable;
3. Highly dynamic loads that depend on the status of where edge appliances are physically located and what workloads need (e.g. BTS or smart city cameras);
4. Thermal and energy extremes sometimes restricting compute power availability for spiky workloads.

This keynote will address the key design points and technologies that are needed to overcome those challenges and be able to address the requirements that the Edge Big Bang requires. The technologies will cover and connect hardware and software elements such as new types of cooling systems and hardware system designs, cloud native and service life cycle management at scale.

- Francesc Guim, Chief of Edge Architecture, Intel