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Network Programmability Jumpstart with VMware’s RIC SDK

Rakesh Misra, VMware; Art King, Cohere; Anand Parikh, AirHop and Ravikanth Pasumarthy, Capgemini

Jul 26 2022 | 58 mins

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The RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC), part of the Open RAN Specification, gives developers for the first time programmable access to RAN data and control. VMware’s implementation of the RIC offers a platform for applications to use these capabilities at near-real time or within seconds, and an SDK that significantly simplifies and accelerates app creation. The webinar will offer an overview of the RIC and VMware’s RIC SDK, along with examples from real-world companies who took advantage of this opportunity, including Airhop Communications, Capgemini Engineering and Cohere Technologies.

- Rakesh Misra, R&D Director, Telco and Edge RAN, VMware
- Art King, Director, Product Management and Marketing, Cohere Technologies
- Anand Parikh, VP Partnerships, AirHop Communications
- Ravikanth Pasumarthy, Chief Arch & VP of Tech, Capgemini Engineering