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RAN Intelligence Enabling

Michael Recchia and Federico Rossi, Red Hat; Hassnaa Moustafa and Sunku Ranganath, Intel

Aug 23 2022 | 66 mins

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5G and ORAN bring AI to network operations to reduce the OpEx, decrease power consumption, accelerate agile network functions, and facilitate ease of edge services deployment; however, the ecosystem adoption lags the standards. Red Hat OCP is a widely adopted cloud stack by CoSPs to provide a framework that accelerates RAN intelligence and the ease of integration of AI applications for network analytics. Intel® Smart Edge Open offers optimizations and sample AI applications to enable Red Hat OCP in this mission, leveraging the capabilities of Intel® architecture components.

Intel and Red Hat have jointly enabled RAN intelligence through the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Intel® Smart Edge Open. The solution offers sample AI applications for RAN intelligence (xAPPs) optimized with Intel® OpenVINO™ and leveraging 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® processing capabilities on top of a commercially deployable near-Realtime RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC). Redhat OCP enables the RIC, leveraging optimizations from Intel® Smart Edge Open (e.g., SRIOV, CNIs, SR-IOV, platforms telemetry, core pinning), and the solution showcases connection management capabilities for RAN load balancing from Intel.

- Michael Recchia, Global Telco Solutions Architect, Red Hat
- Federico Rossi, Global Telco Solutions Architect, Red Hat
- Hassnaa Moustafa, Principal Engineer, Intel
- Sunku Ranganath, Global Solutions Architect, Intel