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Strengthening Threat Detection with DPI-Based Traffic Intelligence

Sebastien Synold, Product Manager and Erik Larsson, VP Marketing, Enea

Dec 06 2022 | 44 mins

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Extended Threat Detection and Response (XDR) systems are increasingly used to identify advanced cyber threats that evade conventional endpoint and perimeter defenses. These systems need accurate understanding of traffic flows at high throughput, which requires a combination of traffic intelligence and hardware technology capable of processing packets efficiently at line rate.

Enea Qosmos traffic intelligence software accurately identifies and classifies network traffic for threat identification and mitigation, while Intel® Xeon® technology is crucial for the overall performance, scale and efficiency required for the XDR system to execute tasks in real-time and at high traffic rates.

This webinar will share the results of benchmarking the Qosmos Probe 2.7.0 on Intel® Xeon® Gold 6338N 32 cores and illustrate how these technologies form the foundation of high-performance XDR systems.

- Sebastien Synold, Product Manager, DPI & Traffic Intelligence, Enea
- Erik Larsson, VP Marketing, DPI & Traffic Intelligence, Enea