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Intel® Network Builders Summit at The Big 5G Event

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Intel® Network Builders Summit

After a period without face-to-face summits, the Intel Network Builders program is re-launching our Summits Series in alignment with The Big 5G Event. Happening on May 16, in Austin, Texas, the Summit will focus on the Cloudification of the network, the next wave of RAN innovation, and the new opportunities at the Edge of the Network.

Meet with Intel senior executives, attend top of mind sessions, keynotes, and panel discussions. At the end of the day, join us for a networking reception with other Big 5G attendees.

About The Big 5G Event – from May 16-18, this event will deep dive into the hottest industry topics, giving you more opportunities to connect with the industry, hear from leading experts, and discover the latest innovations and solutions that are driving 5G. The event will explore the enterprise opportunity, open & disaggregated networks, cloud, core, the most cutting-edge 5G network technologies and more across our five tracks of content.

As the industry shifts to a software defined infrastructure, the opportunities for innovation have exploded across the network and edge. The ecosystem and the breadth of developers globally are critical to this transformation. To unleash these new waves of innovation, Intel is committed to delivering programmable hardware and open software through the broadest ecosystem. In this session, hear about the biggest opportunities across the network and edge, and how we will continue to win and innovate together by adopting the power of Open.

Daniel (Dan) C. Rodriguez, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Network Platforms Group, Intel

Network Innovation Happens Here, at the Intel Network Builder Program

The Intel Network Builders program has been driving technical innovation and accelerated adoption of open network infrastructures since the advent of NFV & SDN. Join Keate Despain, Intel Network Builders Director, and learn how the ecosystem has grown over the years. Keate will discuss the benefits of being a partner within the program which includes early technology access, training resources, co-marketing support, and match making opportunities. Come and find out what is next for the Intel Network builders program as together we move to a cloud native foundation for delivering the needs of the world's communication networks.

Keate Despain, Intel® Network Builders Director, Network Platforms Group, Intel

Innovation in RAN

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Ten years ago, network operators realized that the software-defined network was the way to deploy their network Core, and also the way to deploy the Edge. Today, the extension of Cloud-Native capabilities to a virtualized RAN is bringing web-scale benefits to operators, and virtualizing the network end-to-end – all the way through Layer 1 – is unlocking the greatest benefits possible.

This session will highlight recent milestones in industry’s transformation to cloud-native virtualized RAN, and the role that innovations from Intel Network Builders and the OpenRAN ecosystem will play in fulfilling the industry’s long-term goals for network performance, sustainability and efficiency.

Cristina Rodriguez, Vice President Network & Edge Group, General Manager Wireless Access Network Division, Intel
Matteo Fioriani, Cloud RAN Strategic Product Manager, Ericsson

For their next upgrade MNOs have a critical choice: stick with the legacy network approach – costly, proprietary, closed ecosystems – or choose a new one that is cloud-based, agile, open and automated.

This new open approach to building networks might look risky to some but sticking to the status quo could saddle MNOs with a network that is too expensive and rigid for the next generation of telco. As we move into the future, flexible and simplified service deployments, spurred on by a growing ecosystem of innovative vendors, are the key to success. In this session, hear from CMO Geoff Hollingworth on how Rakuten Symphony is charting a new path with partners such as Intel to help MNOs become more competitive and more profitable.

Geoff Hollingworth, Chief Marketing Officer, Rakuten Symphony

As Greenfield operators launch virtualized RAN deployments to great acclaim, Brownfield operators are also planning large rollouts based on cloud-native network architectures. Scaling virtualized RAN for mass-market coverage requires a combination of innovative deployment strategies and broad ecosystem support to achieve the full benefits of a flexible, programmable and fully virtualized radio network.

This session will explore the current state of operators’ deployments, their plans for the coming years, and what operators require from ecosystem partners to succeed.

Cristina Rodriguez, Vice President Network & Edge Group, General Manager Wireless Access Network Division, Intel
Miguel Carames, Executive Director of Cloud Technology, Verizon
Kaustubh Joshi, Director, AT&T Labs

Cloudification of the Network

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As the deployment of 5G networks become more prevalent around the world, it is vital for service providers to reap the full benefits of their upgraded network infrastructure. To do such, the cloud native based 5G core is a foundational element that when transformed unlocks the many benefits sought by the service providers that provides the enhanced experiences for end users. This keynote will address the key benefits that the stand alone 5G core provides while also exploring the new challenges facing the industry including power management, security and service assurance. Come hear how our partners and customers are utilizing built-in features of the Intel architecture that address these challenges while improving performance and sustainability.

Alex Quach, Vice President and General Manager, Wireline and Core, Network Division, Intel
Fatih Nar, Chief Architect for Telco Partner Solutions, Red Hat
Ken Gold, Director of Solutions Strategy, EXFO

A key facet of an agile 5G Network is the fact that it is built on a cloud native architecture that provides key benefits such as flexibility, efficiency, automation and service creation. These benefits are realized due to the distributed nature of the software, associated microservices and the linkages between them. In this panel discussion you will hear from key vendors Mavenir, Intel, HPE and others on how the software and underlying infrastructure work together to provide operators with the agility to create new services for their end customers. In addition, you will learn about the open standards and tools that are available to ease the deployment of cloud native designs while also hearing directly from the participants on the best ways to scale the adoption and meet the growing needs of the network providers.

Alex Quach, Vice President and General Manager, Wireline and Core, Network Division, Intel
Anders Askerup, Distinguished Technologist, Communications and Technology Group, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
John Baker, SVP, Ecosystem Business Development, Mavenir
Mark Burgbacher, VP - Industry Principal - Telco, Media, Technology (TMT) / Retail and CPG (RCPG), HCLTech

Network Edge and Open Source

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As network infrastructure shifts towards being software-defined and fully programmable all the way from the cloud out to the Intelligent Edge, enterprises and developers are looking for edge infrastructure and distributed computing to support new services and drive automation and business transformation. Edge Native applications are bringing cloud-like scalability and agility to help build, deploy, and manage multi access and private network solutions. Learn about the key features of Edge Native technology and hear about how Intel is bringing exciting, affordable and flexible solutions to Edge Native use cases across industries to transform the way business is conducted.

Prakash Kartha, Segment Director, Edge Services, Network Platforms Group, Intel

Intel’s complete set of network technology solutions—from silicon to accelerators, software, and reference solutions are best suited to meet the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s private networks for a wide variety of verticals. Come hear how you can work with Intel and the ecosystem to accelerate the deployment of private networks across a variety of vertical markets such as education, transportation, agriculture, ports, and factories.

Caroline Y. Chan, Vice President, Network and Edge Group, General Manager, Network Business Incubator Division, Intel
Sandro Tavares, Director, Telecom Solutions Marketing, Dell Technologies

Recent growth in video traffic has created a unique opportunity for our customers to incrementally monetize visual services at the edge. There is an increasing need we see from our customers in deploying multi services at the Edge. This session will talk about how Intel and VMware is looking at enabling multi-service and co-existing video solutions for CoSPs via an Edge Video Platform and a cloud native approach. Edge Video platform brings in multiple Network Edge media/video services together on a “similar "Cloud Native infrastructure and easy to deploy model, that maximizes ROI and minimizes hardware footprint.

Krithika Moorti, Global Head - Edge Video Division, Edge & Cloud Video Division, Intel
Muneyb Minhazuddin, Vice President Edge Computing, VMWare

With the shift of networks toward a software defined, fully programmable infrastructure, the four superpowers (ubiquitous computing, pervasive connectivity, AI, and the build-up of the intelligent edge) are transforming the way we do business and drive innovation at the edge. Networks are becoming more programmable and flexible, which means that network operators can rapidly improve and optimize it and make it more reliable, more secure and offer differentiated services. Join this session to hear the discussion on how companies are leveraging the promise of technologies and innovations such as software-defined, agile, and scalable infrastructure across multiple edge locations to deliver unique service offerings.

Gloria Nogales, Intel® Network Builders, Software Ecosystem Director, Intel
Sven Freudenfeld, Chief Technology Officer, Lanner
Christos Kolias, Principal, Orange
Manish Mangal, Global Business Head - 5G & Network Services, Tech Mahindra

Delivering Hyperscale Computer Vision to the Edge

VSBLTY is at the intersection of marketing and security, deploying disruptive computer vision based products at the edge for retail, smart cities, and security. We are building out multiple media and security networks with differing requirements, configurations, and software partners for a variety of customers while experiencing exponential growth in deployments by delivering hyperscale computer vision to the edge using cloud methodologies at the edge on Intel Smart Edge

Gary Gibson, Chief Technology Officer, VSBILTY
Kaitki Agarwal, Founder, President and CTO, A5G Networks, Inc.

Security at the edge requires a fundamentally different approach. Outside of the physical security of the data center, edge deployments are more exposed to bad actors and malware that can compromise entire networks. Learn how Zero-trust security is being applied to better manage risks at the edge from three innovative companies on the front lines.

Prakash Kartha, Segment Director, Edge Services, Network Platforms Group, Intel
Rodrigo Calderon, Co-Founder, Radar
Farooq Khan, CEO, Exium
Mehran Hadipour, VP Global Business Development & Alliances, Robin.io

The network has been transforming in order to meet the immense demands of a connected world. From legacy infrastructure where scalability, dynamic security, and lower latencies were not achievable, the network is now innovating and moving to a software driven network where processing is done closer to the point where data is generated, and virtualization of workloads can be traced all the back to the network core.

As this transformation happens, network infrastructures can deliver a more dynamic, open, programmatically efficient, and scalable services that are more alike to cloud computing. Join us in this panel discussion to learn how open software architectures and applications are making this evolution of the network possible. Hear first-hand from members of our ecosystem on the value of working together to capitalize on the opportunities that a cloud-like network has to offer.

Keate Despain, Intel® Network Builders Director, Network Platforms Group, Intel
Jorge Gomez, Network Offering Associate Director, Accenture
Fatih Nar, Chief Architect for Telco Partner Solutions, Red Hat
Subhankar Pal, Senior Director, Innovation, Capgemini
Lakshmi Mandyam, Vice President, Service Provider Product Mgmt & Partner Ecosystem for the Telco Edge Cloud BU, VMWare