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Edge Infrastructure Orchestration and Management

Hein Matthee, Senior PreSales engineer, Nearby Computing

Oct 28 2021 | 42 mins

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Due to the prevalence of 5G and the rise of Edge computing, everyone has been focused on the potential services that could be provisioned and leveraged at the edge, such as Security Computer Vision, Data Analytics as well as AR/VR applications. All of the above are fair use of the opportunities that 5G will provide.

There is; however, a challenge that seems to be glossed over and that revolves around infrastructure management, especially disparate sites. A lot of companies struggle with provisioning remote sites, getting them functional in a timeous manner as well as the subsequent management of KPI's through a central interface that would follow. At stake here is time as well as money and resources, ensuring the minimal time is spent in getting the sites up and running, as well as ensuring critical local functions are maintained.

Nearby Computing has an innovative solution for this to facilitate the provisioning and management of edge sites, leveraging nZTP functionality as well as the active monitoring of sites. This allows for System Integrators and Managed Service Providers to solve an infrastructure management problem as well as introduce the possibilities of Edge computing to enterprise customers.
In this webinar we will look at the following:
- Challenges facing customers with provisioning remote sites
- How NBY Infra could solve this using nZTP
- All about how to easily manage diverse edge sites through a single pane of glass
- Onboarding existing functions to be managed as well
- The journey to leverage the power of Edge Computing and applications
- What is next?

- Hein Matthee, Senior PreSales engineer, Nearby Computing