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Congestion Monitoring with In-Band Network Telemetry

Mar 18 2023 | 34 mins

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In this presentation we give an overview of in-band network telemetry (INT) solutions offered by Tofino switch series in the context of modern congestion control. Network congestion is universally one of the main pain points of distributed systems. Precise telemetry data with per-packet granularity can be used to improve network observability and performance. This has already been demonstrated for RDMA networks by HPCC congestion control algorithm. In this presentation we focus on lightweight variant of network telemetry that is TCP-friendly yet can significantly improve the visibility into the current state of congestion in the network. We also show how Intel® Deep Insight Network Analytics Software synthesizes, analyzes, and visualizes telemetry data. This robust analytics software processes INT reports in real time to detect network anomalies.

Mateusz Podlasiński
Cloud Software Development Engineer
Intel Switch and Fabric Group

Simon Wass
Cloud Software Development Engineer
Intel Switch and Fabric Group