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Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) Without Compromising Performance

Divya Pendyala at Intel and Dr. Michael Murphy and Phil Burn at Arqit

Apr 30 2024 | 64 mins

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Most key exchange methods used to secure data in networks today use mechanisms that are broken by quantum computers. Even before quantum computers become available, it’s possible for attackers to store data today and decrypt it later. Information that needs to be kept secret for a long time (state secrets, personal health and genomics data, trade secrets, financial data, etc.) is already at risk since it can be easily siphoned from public networks and stored encrypted in a data silo until it can be decrypted.

Arqit’s Symmetric Key Agreement™ Platform (SKA) is a cloud-hosted or on-prem service that can secure networks with encryption that is unbreakable by a quantum computer. This allows endpoints to upgrade the security of communication channels they create, like an IPsec tunnel.

Arqit and Intel have joined forces to produce a number of out-the-box post-quantum cryptography (PQC) solutions. Combining Intel's existing FD.io Vector Packet Processing (VPP) and strongSwan tools with Arqit SKA™ enables a PQC IPsec solution, demonstrating how the 1.89 Tb IPsec throughput previously achieved on 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® processors can be protected against quantum attack without compromising performance.

The solution can also be deployed directly on the Intel® NetSec Accelerator Card, providing all the functional performance benefits of the smart NIC alongside world class quantum safe encryption capability. This is made possible due to the lightweight nature of the software and provides use cases across a diverse range of industries, such as Defense, Telecommunications and Internet of Things (IoT).

Join the webinar to find out how Arqit's technology integrates seamlessly with Intel's products to create out-the-box solutions that mitigate against the quantum threat.


- Divya Pendyala, Cloud Software Architect at Intel

- Dr. Michael Murphy, Deputy Chief Technology Officer at Arqit

- Phil Burn, Solution Architect at Arqit