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A Smart Virtual Reality Reference Implementation with Intel® Smart Edge Open

5G and Edge Computing trigger a considerable revolution in media services enabling real-time interactive services for new experience such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Intel® Smart Edge Open enables new immersive media experience at the edge offering:
• 5G cloud native network services
• SW infrastructure for microservices-based service creation
• Real-Time Communication (RTC) as a Service through Intel Open WebRTC Toolkit (OWT)
• Microservices for Media Ingestion, Control (e.g., real-time transcoding, stitching, content overlay) and Distribution
• Acceleration for HEVC encoding with Motion Constraint Tile Set (MCTS) through Intel® SVT-HEVC
• 3D frames analytics in real-time through OpenVINO™ to build metadata for the scenes

A Smart VR reference implementation is provided to enable real-time video streaming from multiple cameras over 5G with real-time 360 scene construction and 360 frame analytics at the edge for generating insights on the scene. It is considered greatly useful in sports events/venues, entertainment, and new tourism experience, eSurgery, and eEducation. Intel® Smart Edge Open optimizes the on-boarding of diverse microservices as RTC aaS through Intel OWT, real-time frames analytics through Intel OpenVINO™, 360 media acceleration through Intel® SVT-HEVC, abstracts the underlying HW complexity to developers, and allows modular deployment for media ingestion, control, and distribution functions that can take place as co-located microservices or distributed microservices across multiple edge platforms.

Join Hassnaa Moustafa and Gang Shen in this event where they will talk about the benefits of Intel® Smart Edge Open for virtual reality implementation.

Gang Shen is a Senior SW Architect at Intel Corporation working on visual computing and cloud computing, as well as 5G edge and AI use cases. He led various immersive media projects in the last couple years with the emphasis on 5G networking and ultra-low latency streaming. Gang Shen is passionate about emerging technologies, which connect people and transform people in a significant way, such as Smart City, Smart Home, etc. He is active in multiple standards bodies, such as 3GPP, MPEG-I, DASH, W3C. Gang Shen holds 4 issued patents plus 15 pending.

Hassnaa Moustafa is a Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation working on 5G converged edge products enabling IoT and AI services at the edge. She led edge reference solutions by Intel, enabling partners to rapidly build commercial offerings for smart cities, industry 4.0, connected health, connected vehicles, and immersive media. Hassnaa is passionate about working on cutting-edge technologies that make the most significant difference in peoples’ lives. She has over 80 publications in international conferences, journals, and books and she holds more than 25 issued patents.