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The Latest Real-World uCPE Deployments

Prayson Pate, Senior VP Solutions Mktg and CTO Edge Cloud and Brian Van Voorhis, Director Product Line Mgmt Edge Cloud, ADVA

Nov 09 2021 | 56 mins

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Service providers and operators are deploying open uCPE platforms to power IT innovation. This webinar will describe some recent and innovative solutions powered by uCPE.
- Tier 1 operator using uCPE to host end-customer private workloads (uCPE PaaS) hosted at the customer edge
- Tier 1 operator deploying uCPE to host standard networking applications along with managed IoT and GPU-powered machine-learning applications for industrial automation.
- Tier 2 MSP leveraging uCPE as an LTE-equipped virtual appliance (low-cost, low footprint, KVM only) with automated deployment of firewall for a government application
- Tier 1 global CSP leveraging uCPE to reduce inventory in distributed depots.
- MANOaaS powering uCPE deployment and management for enterprise and utility users who need simple management

- Prayson Pate, Senior Vice President Solutions Marketing and CTO Edge Cloud, ADVA
- Brian Van Voorhis, Director Product Line Management Edge Cloud, ADVA