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Moderator Start Event + Opening Keynote

Mar 18 2023 | 55 mins

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Opening Day Keynote Vice President, Intel Data Center, AI and Networking Groups, Bartosz Ciepluch welcomes viewers to the 2022 Technology Innovation Workshop and provides a helicopter view of digital transformation. He discusses how the technical world is changing and the 'superpowers' Intel is harnessing into our products and technologies as well as the importance of joint collaboration and innovation.

Bartosz Ciepluch
Vice President
Intel Data Center, AI and Networking Groups

Fixed Function to Fully Programmable; Attracting Developers with Flexible, Open Platforms

Nick McKeown, Sr. Vice President and General Manager of the Netowk and Edge Group discusses the implications on silicon design as we shift to software-defined, fully programmable infrastructure.

Nick McKeown
Sr. Vice President and General Manager Senior Fellow
Intel Network and Edge Group

Software Defined Solutions in Action

Hear use cases of Communication Service Providers navigating the seismic transformations caused by the shift from physical hardware to software-defined solutions. This is a presention of software-defined solutions in action.

Rob Prince
Director, Network Communications
Intel Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)