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Intel Telco Cloud Transformation​

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Intel Telco Cloud Transformation​

Evolving the network infrastructure doesn’t come without complexity and challenges. Addressing the tremendous data growth, supporting multiple clouds, securing networks and increasing automation are just a few. Intel Telco Cloud Transformation offers a broad summary of the key drivers for Network Transformation with convergence of technology advancements supporting the continued growth and changing nature of Data and the Opportunities for exciting new Services and Solutions in the Telco Cloud Network. The Telco Cloud continues to evolve to support these new opportunities with the need to manage existing and new services from the Network Edge to the Core, where new business models, services and innovation demand operational agility, resource utilization, efficiency and scalability to improve Total Cost of Ownership and improved end user experience.

Telco Cloud Transformation Total Courses: 4

Telco Cloud Transformation

The Telco Cloud is evolving 5G and Cloud Native deployments supporting new business models, services and innovation. The operational agility, resource utilization, efficiency and scalability of Cloud Native promises to improve Total Cost of Ownership and improved end user experience.
Edge Computing​ Total Courses: 2

Edge Computing​

This module introduces the learner to edge computing, explains what is driving the adoption of edge computing while considering the demands edge computing places on computing platforms, and how Intel is delivering on those demands with Intel® Smart Edge offerings.
Radio Access Network (RAN)​ Total Courses: 3

Radio Access Network (RAN)​

Intel is accelerating the path to virtualized RAN (vRAN) with software verified solution blueprints, a broad ecosystem of partners, and the most complete set of technology solutions on the market to enable commercial vRAN implementations through its end-to-end vRAN portfolio, showcasing the common hardware and software platform.
Wireless Core Network Total Courses: 4

Wireless Core Network

Migrating to a cloud-native 5G standalone (SA) wireless core is a vital step to capitalize on 5G. Intel’s best-in-class 5G core solutions span Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, accelerators, FPGAs, connectivity (Ethernet and silicon photonics), memory, and smart NICs, with enhanced security for 5G architecture.