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IOT in Manufacturing

Program Overview

Digital transformation and the Internet of Things are driving the Industry 4.0 evolution in manufacturing, enabling unprecedented efficiency and scale. Intel’s industry experts, who draw upon research from over 500 participants and 400 companies, introduce twelve key strategies for helping your customers develop and execute an IoT vision.

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Introduction to the study and twelve strategies framework which form the core elements of the set of manufacturing trainings. Learn about the changing nature of work and how roles in the factory floor are shifting to more holistic, digital roles, as well as how to approach developing a digital transformation vision considering these changes.

Learn how uncertainty and technological interdependencies are making it difficult for businesses to integrate new technologies needed to achieve their digital transformation visions. Learn about roles and tactics that can contribute to success at any stage of your AI or IOT Projects

Learn about methodologies and partnerships to drive digital transformation. Learn about the value of “tribes,” and how finding or building the right tribes inside and outside of one’s organization allows stakeholders to move beyond traditional vendor relationships to valuable IoT partnerships.

(Chapter 1 out of 1)

Learn about strategic approaches to reach digital transformation success at scale. Learn how to get from immediate ROI to greater value through the convergence of operational technology and information technology, architecting around gaps between smart systems and the larger enterprise, and the importance of “the power of easy” for scale.

(Chapter 1 out of 1)

Learn how to keep digital transformation initiatives and organizations future-ready, no matter where a business sits along the digital transformation journey. Learn about how to avoid or mitigate potential barriers like skills gaps, data sharing, and interoperability by transforming business leadership and culture

Covers ways in which COVID-19 has driven surprising shifts in the manufacturing space. Learn about what has and hasn’t changed with respect to manufacturing priorities, challenges, and pain points.

Discusses how to think about the future of manufacturing in light of COVID-19. Learn about what COVID-prioritized technologies will mean for manufacturing, as well as the long-term impacts of COVID-19-driven manufacturing practices—including the central role data will play in the “Next Normal”.

This next session in our manufacturing competency VOD series builds on previous learnings about the impact of COVID-19 on manufacturing digital transformation. It discusses how earlier COVID and post-COVID trends have changed or accelerated in 2021 and early 2022, and draws conclusions about what successful usage models, human-machine processes, and investments will help ground success in the Next Normal.

This next session in our manufacturing competency VOD series highlights the ways that data is being utilized differently in today’s manufacturing landscape. It covers how new forms of data and new approaches to utilizing data are being brought into the manufacturing space, especially as it pertains to artificial intelligence and where data is being processed from the shop floor to the cloud.

This course focuses on how companies are deriving and can derive value from artificial intelligence. You will learn about where leading companies stand on the journey toward AI, as well as the centrality of data to the AI value proposition. Learn about the obstacles faced by companies looking to unlock AI value, and the top five recommendations for how to effectively use AI in manufacturing settings.