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Intel Industrial segment covers applications in the Manufacturing, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Smart Buildings and Smart Robotics areas. Industrial organizations across the globe face real challenges, from plant availability to productivity, staffing, resource scarcity, supply chain problems, cyber security, sustainability issues, and beyond. Tackling these challenges requires the power of real-time operational insights, predictive maintenance, and big data to enable new levels of uptime, visibility, efficiency, and productivity. Intel’s Industrial portfolio—including powerful edge compute, leading-edge private 5G technologies, purpose-built Time-Sensitive Networking capabilities, and integrated optimizations for AI at the edge—offers everything you need to evolve your industrial operations to be more connected, transparent, and agile.

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This course provides an overview of Industry 4.0, market trends, and industrial use cases for Intel processors. Discover applications such as defect detection, predictive analytics, and digital twins. Gain insights into AI's role in achieving an autonomous future, transforming manufacturing processes, and addressing challenges. The training emphasizes the potential of Intel processors in various industrial sectors, showcasing their impact on automation, productivity, and efficiency.

This comprehensive training explores Intel® processors, focusing on software compatibility and a 'develop once, deploy everywhere' approach. Delve into real-time technologies, time-coordinated computing, and time-sensitive networking. Gain insights into connectivity, base software, and reference software solutions for Intel Atom®, Intel® Core™ and Intel® Xeon® processors. This course empowers you with the knowledge to accelerate innovation in a software-defined, silicon-enhanced ecosystem, maximizing flexibility and choice. Join us to learn how to build faster, optimize performance with pre-trained models, and embrace a transformative, open ecosystem.

In this training, learn about Industry 4.0 and the role of 5G. Explore Industry 4.0's transformative impact on operations, integrating cutting-edge tech like 5G across connected worker scenarios, factory control, automation, and smart assets. Discover Intel's 5G strategy, emphasizing end-to-end solutions for industrial applications as well as platforms and technologies to ease the development and deployment of edge AI solutions.

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In this course, we begin with an introduction and motivation for the transformation in industrial automation and the manufacturing industry that brings the IT and OT worlds closer together. We explain the need for Time Coordinated Computing to make this transformation a success and the real-time challenges that need to be resolved to realize corresponding solutions. We discuss Time Sensitive Networking and then take a deep dive into the Intel real-time offering called Intel® Time Coordinated Computing, or Intel® TCC.

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FDO, an industry standard from the FIDO Alliance, addresses the crucial challenge of securely installing and maintaining edge devices, offering a game-changing protocol for the industry. FDO benefits distributors, cloud and device management platforms, offering opportunities for value-added services and Just-in-Time provisioning. In this course, we delve into the core of FDO, a standard rooted in Intel's technology and contributed to the FIDO Alliance. Learn how FDO simplifies the onboarding process, providing a plug-and-play concept for device provisioning. Discover how the legacy manual onboarding process is revolutionized into a seamless one-minute operation with FDO. Whether you are a device manufacturer, distributor, or involved in cloud and device management, this course equips you with the knowledge and tools to leverage FDO effectively in the rapidly evolving industrial landscape.

Welcome to the comprehensive training on 4th and 5th-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors designed for the Industrial Edge. This course explores the built-in accelerators enhancing performance efficiency for emerging workloads, particularly AI-powered tasks. Discover advanced security technologies fortifying data protection in evolving threat landscapes. Delve into in-depth discussions on processor features, comparisons between generations, Intel technologies, use cases, and the software portfolio for the industrial segment. Ideal for technical audiences seeking a deep understanding of cutting-edge processor capabilities to drive business insights and industry 4.0 applications.

Explore the cutting-edge Intel® Core™ Ultra processors tailored for Industrial Edge applications. Discover their prowess in accelerating diverse edge workloads spanning artificial intelligence, graphics, and general computing. This course offers a comprehensive insight into the latest processor's features, from silicon specifics to industrial use cases, software support, and resources for deeper understanding. Dive into their Foveros technology-based architecture, hybrid design leveraging P-cores and E-cores, and the unprecedented performance they deliver with advanced graphics, AI capabilities, and I/O options. Witness their impact on revolutionizing industrial applications like vision analytics, predictive maintenance, and control systems. Learn about their broad software ecosystem supporting multiple OS, hypervisors, and developer tools, empowering seamless deployment across various environments. Join us to unlock the potential of Intel® Core™ Ultra processors, shaping the future of industrial technology.