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Program Overview

The OpenStack* program provides an overview of OpenStack*, OpenStack* Enhanced Platform Awareness (EPA) as well as provides an overview of Cloud IaaS with OpenStack. The OpenStack* program also includes two courses from Mirantis, a Network Builder Partner, titled "What is the Cloud" and "What is OpenStack".

In this course, Petar Torre, technical lead for the Intel Service Provider Group, explains OpenStack* Enhanced Platform Awareness (EPA). The session looks at the impact of EPA on an NFV system and reviews results from early proof of concept trials.

In this course, James Chapman, platform applications engineer at Intel provides an overview of OpenStack* Enhanced Platform Awareness (EPA) features including CPU pinning, huge page, NUMA, PCIe pass-through and SR-IOV.

In this course, Mirantis* Technical Instructor and Writer, Devin Parrish, provides an overview of the core concepts of what makes up the cloud and OpenStack’s business values.

In this course, Mirantis* Technical Instructor and Writer, Devin Parrish, helps viewers to know more about OpenStack* by discussing the history and components of the software, the OpenStack foundation, OpenStack benefits and how the software has evolved.

This course provides a brief architectural overview of Red Hat* OpenStack* Platform version 7

This course provides a brief overview of Red Hat's involvement with the open source community.

This course provides an overview on how Red Hat works with the OpenStack community and how Red Hat adds value to the environment.

The ever-changing Datacenter is opening up multiple business opportunities and defining a Hybrid-Cloud environment is crucial in capitalizing your solutions in this market. Learn how connecting public and private cloud into a hybrid cloud can enhance your business.

This course covers containers, the market opportunity, the Intel and Red Hat solution, and the Intel Select Solutions program.