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Basic Training

Program Overview

Intel is providing technology that is enabling the deployment of virtualization technologies within communication service providers’ networks. The Basic Training Program provides the foundation for understanding this technology and the manner in which it is employed. This program includes overviews of Intel’s technology, architecture and vision, as well foundational training courses on network functions virtualization (NFV), software defined networking (SDN), and management and orchestration (MANO).

5 Courses

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Intel® Infrastructure Management Technologies (Intel® IMT) enabling optimal use of IT resources for "Software Defined” environments. Intel® Server Platform include valuable features which provide a rich and growing set of data and control points that can be used for configuration, reporting, monitoring and managing workloads, and data. Intel IMT offer functions that are detectable, reportable and configurable to allow software to monitor, manage, and control the resources more efficiently.

In this course you will receive an introduction to edge computing. This includes details on the definition of edge computing, multiple business models, edge use cases and also platforms.

In this course, Intel Network Software Solutions Architect Ray Kinsella provides an overview of Vector Packet Processing (VPP) in addition to a technical deep dive of the technology.

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In this course, Intel Network Software Solutions Architect Ray Kinsella provides an introduction and overview of FD.io. Also discussed are the components within the project and their function.

In this course, Intel Solutions Architect, Brian Johnson, looks at Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) and reviews different network traffic connectivity scenarios.