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Intel® SGX Card

Course Overview

There’s a lot of concern with data privacy and this is being addressed by a method called Confidential Computing. This involves encrypting data throughout its lifecycle. Intel has worked to bring a new technology called Intel ® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) that allows for an encrypted enclave for application code in data to be - loaded into and accessed from - that is separate from the system. Due to the present demand for this technology, Intel has introduced the Intel® SGX Card for customers that can’t land a Xeon E3, single socket, 1U chassis in their data centers.

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Chapter 1: Intel® SGX Card

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Chapter Overview

In this chapter, Jesse Schrater, Director of Security marketing at Intel provides an overview of Intel’s SGX technology as well as the introduction of the Intel ® SGX card, a device that allows for the introduction of Intel ® SGX in various data center systems.

Knowledge Gained

Cryptography Intel® SGX