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Telco Cloud Technologies​

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Telco Cloud Technologies​

The shift to cloud-native deployment models and containerized microservices empowers CoSPs to deploy composable applications anywhere in the infrastructure. Transformation technologies for Telco Networking have built upon Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Soft Defined Networking (SDN) for use in network functions virtualization implementations. The next phase of network transformation is adopting software disaggregation using a Cloud Native approach, capable of running scalable applications across Cloud deployments thus enabling loosely coupled systems that are resilient, manageable, and observable, combined with robust automation to support Operators to move faster and bring innovation with increased operation efficiency. Explore further the key technologies required by Cloud Infrastructure for Telco Cloud.

Transformation Technologies for Cloud Networking Total Courses: 3

Transformation Technologies for Cloud Networking

Telco Cloud Networking leverages NFV/SDN in network functions virtualization implementations and increasingly Containerized Network Functions (CNF’s) built on a microservice architecture with Cloud Native deployments bringing innovation with increased operation efficiency to the Telco Cloud Infrastructure.
Network Functions Infrastructure Technologies Total Courses: 5

Network Functions Infrastructure Technologies

Telco Cloud Infrastructure enables new services and innovation with efficient and flexible technologies where Service Providers can really benefit from the TCO advantage of standard IT platforms with an open architecture to help grow the ISV ecosystem for best-of-breed Networking Applications.
Introduction to Intel® Infrastructure Management Technologies Total Courses: 11

Introduction to Intel® Infrastructure Management Technologies

Delve deeper into Intel® Infrastructure Management technologies across Telco Cloud Virtual and Hardware infrastructure, where Intel silicon and software enabling technologies combine to provide Virtualized and Cloud Native applications the programmable fabric for the Telco Cloud Infrastructure.