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Intel® Network Builders Newsletter
    May 2021
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What's New

What's New?

Visit Us at KubeCon Europe – May 4-7

Intel is excited to be participating in this year’s Cloud Native Computing Foundation's flagship conference, which brings together adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud native communities throughout the world. Join us at KubeCon Europe 2021, or visit https://01.org/kubernetes to learn more about how we collaborate across Open Source communities worldwide.



Intel Network Builders Partners Demonstrate New Performance and Solutions on 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

Following the last month's launch of the latest 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, Intel® Network Builders partners continue to demonstrate new levels of performance and optimization.

Advantech Upgrades Server and Appliance Range with 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors for 5G, AIoT & HPC – Advantech announced twelve new platforms based on 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, ranging from ultra-short-depth wireless access and IoT edge servers to high-throughput network security appliances and multi-node hyper-converged infrastructure solutions.

IEI Launches 5G Network Solution with Dual 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors – The PUZZLE-IN005, a 2U rackmount high-core-count network appliance, is designed to support two 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors in 10nm technology for unlimited computing performance and well throughput.

New Lenovo Edge Server Designs Enable 5G RAN and MEC Applications – Built on Intel’s Converged Edge Reference Architecture (CERA) with 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, Lenovo Edge Servers help CoSPs and enterprise with 5G network transformation.

QCT Introduces New Server Systems with 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors – QCT is excited to bring data center performance to the next level with their 3rd Gen QuantaGrid D53X-1U and D53XQ-2U, which are smart, speedy, scaling, and ready to power your digital transformation. Powered by 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, which feature up to 40 cores per CPU, PCIe Gen4 support, QCT 3rd Gen servers deliver innovations for a broad selection of workloads.

Supermicro Refreshes Its Edge Computing Portfolio with New Servers Powered by 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors – Supermicro’s new systems powered by 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors are specifically designed to meet the functional and environmental requirements for edge computing while supporting the latest data center-class processors. They support extended temperatures and can be configured with the add-on accelerator cards needed for critical edge workloads.

New CPU Generation Improves Speed and Cost-Effectiveness for vBNG – Tests of virtual broadband network gateways (vBNG) using 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors show up to 20% better performance and up to 56% improvement in performance per dollar processor spending compared to the previous CPU generation.

ZTE's High Performance 5G Core Network UPF Implementation Based on 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors – This paper describes ZTE's 5G core network UPF solution based on the latest 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Intel® Ethernet 800 Series Network Adapters with Dynamic Device Personalization (DDP) capabilities. Using these Intel® technologies, ZTE performance tests achieved up to 462 Gbps under an operator's standard traffic test model with 690 byte packet length and without any additional hardware acceleration.

Check Out Our Experience Kits – The 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors Experience Kits offer developers, technical leads, and other audiences a variety of materials needed to enable adoption of the new technologies and service-enabling capabilities needed for services delivery from network edge to core in next-generation, open, agile and efficient networks.



Join Us for the Intel® Network Builders Insights Series

Our monthly Intel® Network Builders Insights Series provides insight into the latest Intel strategies, product lines, technologies, and programs that are driving network innovation from edge to cloud.

To learn more, please register via the links here and add to your calendar. Attend live for an interactive Q&A or watch on-demand after the recording.

Innovation through Open Source and Collaborative Communities – Join us as we discuss Intel's efforts and investments around innovation through open source and collaborative communities. – May 5

Introduction to a Cloud Native Approach for Packet Processing with Kubernetes CNI – The needs for packet processing in a Kubernetes environment continue to evolve, and we have seen that many Cloud Native Functions require higher performance than offered by conventional networking solutions. To achieve the performance needs of these applications while continuing to support abstraction from the physical network interfaces, an interface called AF_XDP (Address Family - Express Data Path) is described along with potential use cases. A key part of this is to support the existing Kubernetes abstractions such as CNI (Container Network Interface), and to be based off of Linux network driver interfaces. Comparisons to existing alternatives will also be addressed. – June 2



Intel’s Vision to Shape the Intelligent Edge

Intel’s Keate Despain joins podcast host Jake Smith to talk about the company’s vision for network transformation and ongoing changes in the larger communications industry. Keate talks in depth about the Intel Network Builders program that is shaping and accelerating 5G network transformation, AI, and the rise of the intelligent edge.

Listen to the Podcast



Explore Intel® Select Solutions for Virtual Radio Access Network

As announced last month, the Intel® Select Solutions for Virtual Radio Access Network (vRAN) offer operators a streamlined path to deployment, with validated stacks of hardware and software built in conjunction with other industry leaders for flexible performance and rock-solid security. The solution offers three operating environments to choose from. Learn more about these offerings in our new solution briefs:

Intel Select Solutions for Virtual Radio Access Network (vRAN) on VMware Telco Cloud Platform

Intel Select Solutions for Virtual Radio Access Network (vRAN) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Intel Select Solutions for Virtual Radio Access Network (vRAN) on Wind River Studio



Intel® Network Builders University Announces Four New Courses

Intel Network Builders Commercial Edge Applications Portal Overview – Discover the ease of developing and deploying commercial applications at the Edge using OpenNESS and Intel® Smart Edge. This overview provides a snapshot of how to use this portal and includes practical demonstrations from two of our partners, Actian and ClearBlade, showing how simple it is to install and set-up commercial applications using these tools.

Watch Here

OpenNESS Devkits: Software Devkit for Azure Demo – In this course, Russel Callen, Platform Solution Architect at Intel Corporation, provides a demonstration of the OpenNESS Devkit for Azure. Russel walks through how to deploy the devkit from Github, shows the OpenNESS Kubernetes cluster, reviews the discovered node features and then deploys an edge application from the commercial application portal.

Watch Now

The Intel® Quartus® Prime Software: Foundation (Pro Edition) – Learn to use the Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition v. 17.1 software to develop an FPGA design from initial design to device programming. You'll create a new project, input design files, & compile your project. Learn to search for compilation information, use settings & assignments to adjust compilation results & manage I/O-related assignments using the Pin Planner & Interface Planner. Learn about device programming files & how to program an FPGA on your board. Learn techniques to plan your design. You will employ features of the software to help you achieve your design goals faster. This is an online version of a full-day instructor-led training.

View Here

Reducing Compile Time with Fast Preservation – In this course, you’ll learn about the Fast Preservation feature of the Intel® Quartus Prime Pro edition software and what the advantages are for using it with a block-based design flow. See how to set up a design, use Fast Preservation with that design and see the benefits from using it.

Watch Here

More about the Intel Network Builders University

Featuring 261 courses available and new content released each month, The Intel Network Builders University includes a broad collection of online content and face-to-face technical training to help technical professionals in the network industry to improve their knowledge of key Intel® technologies, industry trends, and technical aspects of NFV deployments. Closed captioning in multiple languages is now available for a growing number of courses. The online portion of the university is available to Intel Network Builders program members through a simple registration here and for the public here.

Custom Training Pathways are customized training programs developed to address specific training requirements for Intel Network Builders University members. Custom pathways allow for customized and confidential training content, which is only visible by your employees. Custom pathways can be coupled with Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities to offer one click access directly to the content or can be included in an API allowing direct import to your internal learning portals. If you are interested in learning more about custom pathways, please contact the Intel® Network Builders program.



Welcome to Our New Ecosystem Partners and End Users

With more than 400 ecosystem partners, the Intel® Network Builders program continues to grow! We welcome the following new ecosystem partners and end users: Blue Arcus, Exium, Geoverse, Kloudspot, Movandi, PANTHEON.tech, Sunlight, Synamedia, WLLCTEL, and ZT Systems.

To see all of our members, visit the Ecosystem Partners page, the Intel® Network Builders Edge Ecosystem page, the Intel® Network Builders Visual Cloud Ecosystem page, and the End User Members page on our website.


Technical Spotlight

Technical Spotlight

Maximizing vCMTS Data Plane Performance with 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor Architecture

This paper is a detailed study of how a virtualized Cable Modem Termination System (vCMTS) data-plane workload can take advantage of the 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor architecture enhancements such as bigger cache-sizes at each level, higher core-count, more memory, and specifically advanced features. It also provides insights into implementation options and establishes an empirical performance data baseline that can be used to estimate the capability of a vCMTS platform running on industry-standard, high-volume servers based on 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor architecture. Actual measurements are presented for a 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor-based system. Results shown in the paper showcase a 70% improvement in vCMTS platform performance and service group density when utilizing the maximum core Network SKU of the 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor.

Read the Paper

Top-Down Topology-Aware I/O Performance Analysis with Intel® VTune™ Profiler

Intel® VTune™ Profiler 2021.2.0 introduces the Platform Diagram, the new starting point for Input and Output analysis, and enhances Intel® Data Direct I/O (Intel DDIO) observability with latency metrics. New top-down topology-aware performance analysis approach for platform I/O guides you from hardware resources utilization (PCIe, Intel® Ultra Path Interconnect, memory) down to efficiency indicators for Intel DDIO traffic. The features are enabled for 1st and 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors in up to four-socket configurations.

Read more: VTune Profiler I/O Analysis User Guide, analyzing Intel DDIO efficiency on example of DPDK testpmd


Partner News & Collaboration

Partner News & Collaboration

The business drivers for building smarter RANs – As a pioneer in aligning optimization to customer experience metrics rather than just network performance metrics, Amdocs sought to address these challenges by developing its SmartRAN network optimization and analytics solution.

Pioneering Tight Integration Between 5G SA Network and Edge Platform – One of the world’s first tight integrations between 5G standalone (SA) core network and Multiaccess Edge Computing platform has been developed by Capgemini Engineering, Ericsson, Intel and Telefonica at the 5TONIC lab which leverages OpenNESS as part of Capgemini’s ENSCONCE platform.

Multi Cloud Services – High Performance Computation Modernization in Financial Services Industries – Cloudify orchestration platform automates lifecycle management of applications across multiple clouds. This white paper shows how the Monte Carlo simulation application benefits from Intel® Advanced Vector Instructions 512, running on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Kubernetes clusters on premises and in public cloud region.

iSIZE BitSave: High-quality video at lower bitrates via Intel DL Boost – This white paper describes iSIZE's innovative BitSave technology, an AI-based perceptual optimization that adaptively filters the video content before it reaches the codec, such that the output after compressing with any standard video codec is perceptually optimized (e.g., less motion artifacts or blurring), for the same bitrate.

Parallel Wireless Announces Partnership with Etisalat to Deliver Central Asia’s First O-RAN Implementation in Afghanistan – Parallel Wireless announced its partnership with Etisalat, one of the world’s leading telco operators in Afghanistan to deliver the world’s first cloud-native O-RAN compliant 5G 4G 3G 2G Open RAN solutions, in collaboration with Intel and Supermicro.

Robin.io wins at the FutureNet World Awards – Automation Solution Award – Leading solution for Network Automation/Autonomous Networks.

Is Open RAN the silver-bullet for the wireless industry? – This TietoEVRY white paper outlines how Open RAN can be expected to impact the industry in the years to come and explores the challenges and complexity that need to be addressed by anyone building products based on Open RAN specifications.

Varnish Announces Integration of Edge Cloud into Intel® Select Solutions for Visual Cloud Delivery Network – Varnish Software is now partnering with Intel to integrate their Edge Cloud software with Intel® Select Solutions for Visual Cloud Delivery Network.

Wind River Partners with Intel® Select Solutions Program – Wind River®, a global leader in delivering software for the intelligent edge, today announced that Wind River Studio is now included as part of the Intel® Select Solutions for Virtual Radio Access Network (vRAN).


Social Hub

Social Hub

For our ecosystem’s latest news, podcasts, webinars, blog posts, and more, visit Social Hub.

Don't miss these upcoming and recently recorded webinars:

Creating Visual Cloud Solutions Using Open Visual Cloud Reference Pipelines, with Craig Hurst, Director; Xintian Wu, Engineer; and Moloti Nakampe, African Business Integration at Intel – Live on May 11

Cloud Native Edge Computing, Private 5G Using Intel OpenNESS, with Srinivasa Addepalli, Intel; Amar Kapadia, Aarna Networks; and Prabhjot Singh Sethi, Aarna Networks – Watch On Demand

Capgemini's 5G for Smart Cities & Road Side Infrastructure, with Shamik Mishra, Capgemini Engineering and R&D; Suman A. Sehra, Intel; Yousef Hawwar, Intel – Watch On Demand

Edge Computing Solutions, with Chadie Ghadie, Director, Edge Computing Business Development, Lenovo, and Hanen Garcia, Global Telco Solutions Manager, Red Hat – Watch On Demand

High-performance, Programmable Switch Solutions for Edge Data Centers, with John DeMay, Intel Corporation; Matt Roman, Edgecore Networks; and Jeff Elpern, NoviFlow Inc. – Watch On Demand (now with captions)




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