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Intel Network Builders January Highlights

Happy New Year from the Intel® Network Builders Team. Intel® Network Builders had a busy 2022 across training, get-to-market, and various events. With the new year, we want to introduce you to the new Intel Network Builders website, fully redesigned with the intent to bring you the industries best domain to learn and collaborate.

We are looking forward to continuing partnerships across the ecosystem. This month features new content to enjoy from Webinars, Partner Publications, Training, and more.

Introducing the Intel® Telco Cloud Academy

Speed up a Network of Possibilities with our new enhanced training program covering the cloudification of the network Intel® Telco Cloud Academy!

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University Training

Intel® Telco Cloud Academy Launched!

Intel® Telco Cloud Academy is an enhanced training program covering Telco Cloud Networking with separate training modules.  For more detailed information, check out the Intel® Telco Cloud Academy.

Unleashing Intelligent, Interactive, and Immersive Visual Experiences in the Cloud and at the Edge

This course discusses trends in the video industry, and how Intel and our partners are unleashing the intelligent, interactive and immersive visual experiences in the Cloud and at the Edge.

New Intel® Ethernet Courses

Our Intel Ethernet Program added two new course offerings.

Partner News & Collaboration

Technical Spotlight

New Intel Select Solutions for Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) from Supermicro

The SYS-110D-FRDN8TP platform, based on Intel Xeon D-2700 processors, is verified as an Intel Select Solution to ease interoperability and accelerate deployment of SASE workloads.

Enabling Time-Critical Application Over 5G by “Managed Latency with L4S”

There is an emerging interest in time-critical use cases in the areas of multimedia, gaming, AR/VR, real-time video conferencing, vehicle to everything (V2X), teleoperated driving, and drones operated through mobile networks. These use cases require bounded low latency in conjunction with medium to high bitrates and the ability to scale. Edge computing reduces transport network latency and jitter by moving data centers from the central cloud into a communication service provider’s network. In addition, 5G’s new radio (NR) network interface introduces key functional and architectural enhancements to enable time-critical services.

Network and Edge Reference System Architectures Release 22.11 Solution Brief

Solution Brief summarizes the highlights of the Network and Edge Reference System Architectures release 22.11 with use cases, and new and updated content to support 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors launch

Power Manager – Kubernetes Operator Technology Guide

This document describes the Power Manager, a Kubernetes operator developed using the Operator SDK, designed to expose and utilize Intel-specific power management technologies and driver-level utilization in a Kubernetes environment.

This keynote will address the key design points and technologies that are needed to overcome those challenges and be able to address the requirements that the Edge Big Bang requires. The technologies will cover and connect hardware and software elements such as new types of cooling systems and hardware system designs, cloud native and service life cycle management at scale.