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Intel® Network Builders Newsletter
    August 2021
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What's New

What’s New?

3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors Enable Transformation Across the Network

Intel® Network Builders partners are continuing to demonstrate how 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors can be used in infrastructure that supports diverse network demands and evolves to meet new 5G use cases.

Bridging the CDN Capacity Gap with Near 400 Gbps Video Delivery

Varnish and Intel tested the performance of the Varnish Enterprise CDN solution using 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor-based servers that conform to the Intel® Select Solutions for Visual Cloud Delivery Network reference design. The tests show near wire-speed performance thanks to the combination of Varnish high performance software and 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

Wind River, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, & Intel Deliver 5G vRAN

A virtual radio access network (vRAN) architecture strategy is a key to cost-effective agility within 5G environments. Wind River designed its cloud native Wind River Studio to be cost optimized for edge deployments such as the vRAN workload. The HPE DL110 server was also specifically designed and optimized for Open RAN deployments using 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors along with several acceleration offload options. Together, Wind River Studio and the HPE ProLiant DL110 Gen10 Plus telco server offer mobile network operators a powerful, cost effective, highly scalable, and flexible packaged solution for edge-deployed vRAN.

NetApp, Supermicro Deliver Low-Latency Thick Edge Computing

Exciting new AI, IoT, data security, and other use cases across a range of vertical industries rely on ultra-low-latency computing to generate and process data to meet the needs of real-time applications. Decentralizing data for processing at the “thick edge” is emerging as a way to support low-latency requirements. NetApp and Supermicro have built a high-performance thick edge solution that utilizes NetApp storage and AI expertise running on Supermicro’s high- performance servers based on 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors.



Intel® Network Builders Enterprise Networks Insights Series

This webinar series brings you the latest intelligence from the world of network innovation.

Join us and our trusted partners—once a month, every month—for in-depth sessions offering timely insights to inform your network transformation strategy.

Captioning in English, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese will be provided live and will then be available on-demand after the recording.

Why Edge & AI

There is so much talk about AI and Edge, but why does it really matter? The explosion of cloud services has driven the headlines of IT and Technology news over the last 5 years. Now that everyone has made use of these services it is clear to see that in some ways cloud has enabled transformation and in other ways it has become expensive, it is less secure and it has network latency that keeps us from capturing the full value. Edge and AI work together to solve these problems by putting the compute power much closer to the place where the action is happening. Please join us for a discussion about how Edge and AI will transform manufacturing industries, and other industries that choose to embrace it. – Aug 18 @ 1pm SGT | Aug 17 @10pm PDT

Harnessing Business Values with Private Networks

Mavenir and Intel have been working closely for over 5 years building a relationship forged with the concepts of breaking away from legacy and proprietary hardware centric products, providing simple flexible OpenRAN cellular based solutions for private networks. For Consumers, Enterprises, and demands of Industry 4.0, Mavenir’s disruptive approach and easy deployment options accelerates the availability for all sectors of the market to transform their businesses with the security, trust, reliability, and quality expected from any carrier-class solution bringing the world directly to you. – Watch Now

To learn more and see the full series, please visit our series page.



Intel® Network Builders Insights Series

Our monthly Intel® Network Builders Insights Series provides insight into the latest Intel strategies, product lines, technologies, and programs that are driving network innovation from edge to cloud.

To learn more, please register via the links here and add to your calendar. Attend live for an interactive Q&A or watch on-demand after the recording.

Intel IPUs Fundamental Role in Your Cloud Strategy

Join Intel leaders as they discuss the recently announced Infrastructure Processing Unit (IPU). Attendees will understand how datacenters are evolving, the benefits of an IPU as well as some architectural details of recently announced IPUs. – September 1

Paradigm Shift in Edge to Core Security with 5G

As CoSPs transition from 4G to 5G with Cloud Native, with a highly distributed architecture and bring in great multi-vendor solutions, security is a pivotal concern. Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and impactful. A single NF hack can expose entire core. There is need for consistency in security framework across Edge, Core and Cloud to manage upgrades, respond quickly to threats and attacks. This session will discuss the types of security risks associated with 5G infrastructure deployments, 5G specific use cases and the capabilities required for a robust and resilient security framework from edge to core. – August 4

Intel SoC Products for Emerging Edge and vRAN Applications

Join Intel architects and business leaders to learn about how Intel SoC products (Intel® Xeon® D Processors & Intel Atom® Processors) help accelerate development and deployment solutions for the emerging Edge and vRAN use cases along with other applications in SD/WAN, uCPE, Security and other network infrastructure appliances. The session will focus on specific use cases that are already deployed and how these enable new revenue growing opportunities. Technical discussion will include key performance and value that Intel SoCs bring to indoor and outdoor deployments. – Watch Now

To learn more and see the full series, please visit our series page.



Intel® Network Builders University

August Update

Intel® Network Builders University added six new courses to its Intel® CloudU content this month. The new trainings include a networking module with 3 courses covering basic concepts of networking, network functions virtualization for cloud service providers and Intel networking products, and an artificial intelligence module which features Intel® architecture driving artificial intelligence workloads, AI cloud deployment options and key AI products and services.

Network Modules:

Introduction to Networking

Cloud Networking – Network Functions Virtualization

Intel Networking Products

Artificial Intelligence Modules:

Why Intel AI in the Cloud

AI Cloud Deployment Options

Cloud Service Provider AI Portfolios

All 23 Intel CloudU courses offered through Intel Network Builders University can be accessed here.

More about the Intel® Network Builders University

Featuring 265+ courses available and new content being created and refreshed each month, The Intel® Network Builders University includes a broad collection of online content and face-to-face technical training to help technical professionals in the network industry to improve their knowledge of key Intel® technologies, industry trends, and technical aspects of NFV deployments. Closed captioning in multiple languages is now available for a growing number of courses. The online portion of the university is available to Intel® Network Builders program members through a simple registration here and for the public here.

Custom Training Pathways address specific training requirements for Intel® Network Builders University members. Custom pathways allow for customized and confidential training content, visible only by your employees. Additional features include Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities which offer one click access directly to training content or a custom API which enables direct import to your internal learning portals. If you are interested in learning more about custom pathways, please contact us today.



Welcome to Our New Ecosystem Partners and End Users

With more than 400 ecosystem partners, the Intel® Network Builders program continues to grow! We welcome the following new ecosystem partners and end users: A5G Networks, AmberFlux EdgeAI Pvt Ltd, ASUSTek Computer Inc., Beijing AtoZ Comm Co. Ltd., Cannon Cyber, GRAID Technology, Jelastic S.L., Lions Taiwan Technologies Inc., Minio, Inc., Star Solutions, and TELUS.

To see all of our members, visit the Ecosystem Partners page, the Intel® Network Builders Edge Ecosystem page, the Intel® Network Builders Visual Cloud Ecosystem page, and the End User Members page on our website.


Technical Spotlight

Technical Spotlight

Managing Azure IoT with Intel® Smart Edge

In this session Phillip Richardson walked us through the process of deploying VMs with Intel® Smart Edge, registering a device with Azure IoT hub, and deploying modules from the Azure portal. Phillip currently works on the applications engineering team at Intel, where the goal is to integrate various applications onto the Intel® Smart Edge platform. Watch on-demand HERE.

Cloud Native Private 5G Deployment using OpenNESS EMCO

In this session, Prabhjot will demonstrate deployment of free5gc using Intel® OpenNESS and EMCO, share his experiences and challenges, and discuss enhancements of Private 5G deployments. Prabhjot is Senior Member Technical Staff at Aarna Networks, responsible for delivery of some of the key components for AMCOP (Aarna Multi Cluster Orchestration Platform) based on EMCO and LF Networking project ONAP. Register HERE.

Running Intel® Smart Edge (Open) with Azure IoT Hub

In this developer meetup, Purvi Thakkar will focus on network edge cloud service provided by Microsoft through “Azure Edge Zones”. Azure Edge Zones is a composite service which includes various Azure services like IoT Hub, VM Instances, Function Apps, Logic Apps, and many more. Purvi Thakkar is a product manager in the edge segment team at Intel and has more than 20 years of experience working across verticals. Register HERE.

Jumbo Frames Performance Analysis Over Red Hat OpenStack 16.1 Infrastructure

Communications service providers support many services, for example, broadband access services, Voice over IP services, call center, IPTV and cable services. One of the most important measurements is the network capability to support zero packet loss (ZPL). This collaborated whitepaper between Intel and Dell aims to provide guidance on jumbo packet size for Zero Packet Loss (ZPL) test cases over an OpenStack infrastructure. In addition, Red Hat engineering team also helped out in finalizing result section and verified the best practices applied in this activity. The key learnings and best-known practices documented in this paper can help your testing and analysis. Read the Paper

Watch Top-Down Topology-Aware IO Performance Analysis with Intel VTune Profiler

In this talk from 2021 SPDK, PMDK and Intel® Performance Analyzers Virtual Forum, Ilia Karakin gives a deep dive into platform-level activities induced by PCIe traffic on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, best known methods to achieve the best performance, and performance analysis with VTune Profiler.


Partner News & Collaboration

Partner News & Collaboration

Unlocking Edge Performance with the Capgemini Engineering ENSCONCE/Intel® Smart Edge Open Platform

In this white paper we document the increased performance that results when the Intel® Smart Edge Open toolkit is integrated into the Capgemini ENSCONCE multi-edge compute platform. Benchmarking data shows increased throughput and reduced latency and jitter in typical edge computing use-cases when utilizing Intel Smart Edge Open optimizations that leverage CPU pinning and I/O acceleration features found within Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

Capgemini’s Project Marconi on Intel Architecture delivers outstanding subscriber Quality of Experience

Project Marconi is the industry’s first Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML) based radio network application for 5G Medium Access Control (MAC) scheduler. Optimized with Intel AI Software and 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. Read the press release HERE and learn more about Project Marconi HERE.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise expands 5G Portfolio with Automated Management Solution

HPE announced on June 29th a new 5G software suite that adds end-to-end automated management to HPE’s existing edge-to-cloud 5G portfolio, based on HPE’s Telco grade infrastructure which incorporates Intel’s 3rd Gen Xeon based processors. The new 5G automation solution simplifies the management of complex 5G networks and services by implementing a zero-touch, closed-loop system that monitors and manages the network, slices and services from end-to-end, automatically acting on issues detected to restore service. The software is pre-configured for HPE’s open 5G solutions, including the HPE 5G Core Stack, as well as leveraging open-source technologies and offering open APIs to integrate with products and architectures from any vendor.

QCT, Radisys and Intel Deliver vRAN Solution for 5G

Next-gen networks not only demand speed but also capital and operational efficiencies. QCT works with its long-term partners, Intel and Radisys, to deliver OmniRAN, its vRAN solution that optimizes resource utilization and fulfills software-defined management and orchestration using Intel FlexRAN and Radisys Connect 5G RAN software running on QCT EGX63IS-1U servers.

HPE, Intel and TelecomTV 4 Day “Spotlight on 5G” Event

TelecomTV’s “Spotlight on 5G” is a special four-day show focused on all the major industry news, announcements, solutions and product launches that will take place during MWC week. The TelecomTV team brings you on-demand content including executive interviews, panel discussions, daily news, industry analysis and live Q&A sessions.

Wipro Smart Factory Brings Real-time Immersive Field Monitoring

The Wipro Smart Factory solution improves performance for remote surveillance engineers, with fast and easy access to multiple factory locations, within a real-time and immersive environment.

Any Device, App, Cloud and Network – Changing the Game for Factory Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Intel, Dell, and an aviation company partnered on the deployment of a transformational edge to cloud solution for a 42-acre industrial site. The Intel® Smart Edge solution leverages Intel® Secure Device Onboard (SDO) to establish a zero-trust network where devices can be quickly on-boarded and authenticated, spectrum parsed for multi-tenancy, and end users can easily and more securely access engineering/data center data on the factory floor.

Transforming the Fixed-Access Network Using a Cloud-Native Approach

Red Hat and Intel have jointly developed a pre-validated solution blueprint for an optimized hardware and software stack supporting the evolution from infrastructure based on virtualized network functions (VNFs) to more agile cloud-native network functions (CNFs), specifically targeting broadband fixed access transformation. This cloud-native architecture helps set the stage for high-performance, cost-effective telecommunication networks as the industry adopts fixed-mobile convergence for 5G and beyond.

Next Generation Central Office - Converged Edge Architecture

True to its strategy and vision, Saudi Telecom Company used technology as an enabler to open new horizons for market penetration. Bearing in mind the cost and financial challenges facing most existing communications service providers (CSPs) around the globe, stc paved the way for the industry to enable FA (fixed access) and MA (mobile access) virtual functions convergence on a shared infrastructure. To demonstrate the business value realization from this technology adoption, stc collaborated with Intel, Nearby Computing, VMware and Cisco on a proof-of-concept project, based on Intel’s Converged Edge Reference architecture.


Social Hub

Social Hub

For our ecosystem’s latest news, podcasts, webinars, blog posts, and more, visit Social Hub.


How CSPs Can Monetize 5G with an Open vRAN Approach

Video and Webinars

MEC with Intel® AI for V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything), a proof-of-concept (PoC) system built for the multi-access edge computing with Intel® AI for vehicle-to-everything. This PoC resulted from a strategic collaboration project between Intel and Neusoft.

Blazing Fast Performance with Extensive Programmability – Intel® Tofino™ 2, with John DeMay, Sr. Director of Business Development, Intel Corporation; Matt Roman, VP of Marketing & Product Management, Edgecore Networks​; and Łukasz Łukowski, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, STORDIS – September 30

Producing Live VR Events at the Highest Quality, with Richard Mills, Founder, Imaginary Pictures, Technical Specialist, Sky VR and Rob Koenen, Co-Founder, Tiledmedia. – August 24

Retail Banking: How Edge Networking Can Help Accelerate Innovation, with Saleem Muhammad, Product Mgmt Dir, Dell; Bob Laliberte, Sr. Analyst, ESG & Kathy Crumley, Global Banking Strategist, Intel. – Watch Now

Building Next-Gen CDNs for Tomorrow’s Critical Streaming Workloads, with Pål Hermunn Johansen, Varnish; Asad Sajjad Ahmed, Varnish; Nash Kleppan, Intel and Tushar Gohad, Intel. – Watch Now




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